2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Questions

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I have the same problem, press horn button turns on cruise control and blows horn fuse. Did you get this issue solved on your highlander? What was the cause?
Just bought a used 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid from a auto sales business. Vehicle has 130,000 miles and on the way home the dashboard showed the warning message "Check AWD System"
Do I have to have the computer reset? Or does it detect the new sensor and rest over time?
Is there a way to disable the warning buzzer for unbuckling your seat belt? I have looked through the manual for instructions. None. I looked through the FUSE list to see if I could find one to take out; nothing seems to fit the bill. It comes on every time I get out to check my mailbox. Suggestions?
how much will it cost
my abs, brake light, slip light are on and a beeping sound from the car. the brakes are hard and l hear its from the abs solenoid
Last week I had my timing belt replaced at 110000 miles. I also needed my NYS inspection which unfortunately my dealer decided to due after the timing belt was replaced. As my technician explained, when the timing belt was replaced the battery was disconnected causing monitors to need be reset. These are part of the emissions test done in NY. They stated that no fault codes showed but monitors must be cleared and to clear the monitors, the vehicle must be driven several miles. Well after driving the car for 170 plus miles they again (3rd time) scanned the system and 2 monitors still were not reset. They have also stated that normal (non-hybrid) cars it is pretty predictable ... drive it 28-50 miles at various speeds and the monitors will reset, but they say the hybrids often give them problems! Well my inspection expires and my dealer will now have my car for the weekend and monday will try to figure this thing out. Any one seen the problem and what was the solution?
The roads were flooded in parts from heavy rain and when i hit one area the water waved up
Highlander with 75,000 miles. No water pump noises, no visible leaks and no obvious loss of coolant from the reservoir.
'Check hybrid system', 'Check VSC system', and the brake warning light displays on the instrument display panel.
The vehicle wasn't driven for 16 days prior to this fault.
When I brought my Highlander Hybrid in for maintenance, Toyota service recommended replacing the timing belt and water pump (together) for $739. The rationale for doing both together was that they are next to each other, so it's more cost effective to replace them both before anything goes wrong (to save on labor costs). I understand the need to replace the timing belt, but is the water pump replacement really necessary? It seems very expensive.
I am being quoted $2300 to do a 90K service with replacement of timing belt and water pump. This seems very high. Is it standard to replace timing belt at 90K?
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