2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Questions

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Oil change
Seems like the bulbs have too much power/heat for the lens cover.
Previous owner described it as a "clicking" but to me and my daughter is sounds like the car is cooking. Then it started sounding like chirping birds! Sound is low and intermittent. Mechanic didn't hear it when checking the car for pre-purchase inspection. We didn't hear it for first 100 miles of driving but now it pops up now and again.
can I drive when the red warning sign is on?
ABS brake warning light and SRS airbag warning light came on and the car wont on 2007 toyota highlander hybrid
I just got this car a few days ago it just happened mileage is @ 86,606
There are lots of postings about this issue but they show a control unit with knobs and my HiHy has a touchscreen controller, not knobs
repaced front wheel bearing pass. side now abs,swerve and break light are on how do you reset. Thanks!! Dave
2 weeks ago my ABS failed and replaced it by a qualified mechanic from brisco motors and today it comes up again
FirsT check gas cap warning came on, noticed the speedometer wasn't working and the vsc and check engine light as driving, coming off interstate stalled when i stopped pressing on gas pedal, after a minute or so it restarted, drove home but had to keep foot slightly on gas while idol at stop lights? I looked up the vin and according to toyota site no open recall? I'm assuming the recall work was already done (purchased recently) I'm in a total panic, just spent every penny i had to purchase the vehicle... where do I begin to trouble shoot this... I know about the recall and issues this car has had (after the purchase that is, ughhh) is there something with the speedometer not working that is significant to what this could be? Thank you for any input :)
all warning lights on, including check hybrid system warning light...seems many people are told that replacing the inverter is the repair for this problem.
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