2013 Toyota Highlander Questions

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Would you buy a 2013 highlander or 2013 MDX. I am getting ready to purchase one of them?
I can't find the button.
I have 75,000 miles on it now.
Do I have to use premium grade?
which is the best used 2010-2013 SUV for me to purchase for comfort and reabililty?
which is more reliable?
How does a 2013 sequoia compare?
1) Issue was a constant whine like a wheel bearing going out. Could hear at 20-25 mph, more prevalent at 45-50 and worse at 75+. Always coming from rear. Sound always the same (pitch didn't vary). Toyota had it for 13 days, replaced the front diff due to metal shavings in fluid. Problem still exists but now the pitch changes with speed (lower as the car slows down). Less noticeable at lower speeds. Car has 31k and under warranty. Thoughts? 2) We paid for an alignment after the diff replacement. I asked if it was a result of their work and they said "no". True? I wonder, but suspect it's true because the warranty would have paid for it to be done. Also, no noticeable wear on any of the tires although 3 were out. Steering wheel was straight (but not after the alignment). Thx!
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