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I hear an noise in engine area at right side , it start loudly and be lower after while.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It is worse when the engine is started and be lower after a while
How long have you had this problem? one week, I complain many time about this problem and after you fixed it comes back
The water pump was making noise and the mechanics said the timing seal is leaking this just started.
they usually go off in a day or two and nothing else seems to be wrong with driving the car. This has been happening over the last year or so. Now the lights have all come on again and with it the car is idling high when you start it and after a few minutes in comes back down (not all of the way though). What is wrong??
Viberation during transmission
Back story: I bought my 08 base model highlander at a reputable lot 7 months ago. I love this vehicle! Only 72,000 miles on it. Three days after I bought it, it wouldnt start one morning after pumping gas. Car lot towed it back and replaced the battery. Everything worked fine and had no notification lights on. I work out of state and left the vehicle in storage (outdoor but securely covered) for about the last three months. I was home every other weekend and would crank it up and circle the block in it.

Current issues: The last week since Ive been back I noticed that the check engine, vsc, and traction lights are on....also....I can crank the vehicle and it will start right up but immediately shuts off. If I try to crank it again right away it starts up and stays on with no problem. This happens EVERY time I go to start the car. There are no odd noises, ticks, or vibrations. The only other symptom is realized when I try to accelerate quickly. The RPMS rev up but its almost like the transmission may be slipping because the car doesnt shift and speed up. I am still able to accelerate and drive safely. If I slowly accelerate, the transmission shifts with no problem. Had the codes checked and out of 8 hits only two were "confirmed". One mention low positive input

Question: What is going on???
When I start my car, I hear a really loud ticking sound similar to a belt falling off or slipping. The car performs fine, but I don't know why I'm always hearing this sound.
Refrigerant is ok.
Compressor is working good.
Compressor fails to cool, and I think the problem could be electrical.
Controls are ok too.

Would appreciate any feedback thank you!
What is an intermediate shaft and how important is it to me fixed and now difficult and evpencive.
2008 Toyota Highlander Sport
I want to have a new water pump and timing belt installed.
Need to know lug nut torque?
93500 miles. Takes about 500 ml of oil every 150 miles. Replace rear rubber oil line. Worked on variable valve timing.
My car is the Limited Edition with keyless entry. as I park the car and retire inside, after a while, the alarm will go off. I have to use the unlock key on the remote to silence it. But it comes on again after a while. I really don't know why. Kindly help. Thank you.
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