2004 Toyota Highlander Questions

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It starts okay but when I take a turn and move my steering wheel, it starts blowing hot air. When my vent direction is upwards and not towards me, it blows cold air even if AC is off and I see cold vapors on windshield
when I turn, left or right, I hear a repetitive clicking or knocking sound.
In my Highlander, the check engine light stays on 24-7. Why is this? Even when nothing is wrong, it will not turn off. It makes it difficult for me to know if something is actually wrong or not.
Antilock brakes engage on highway if I lift brake Petal up with foot then fine for a while vib very bad when happens
What needs to be checked?
I just bought this car and went for Inspection which failed because it says "on board computer system, OBD (Monitor Catalyst, Monitor EVAP, Monitor O2) not ready to be tested." Neither the technician nor anyone has an answer to this problem. Please help I need to register it soonest. Tnx.
have 149900 miles on my car, was driving home and suddenly sounded like drive shaft or something was dragging, looked under and nothing. before that the steering wheel would shake and then stop, then later it would happen again. when the car is put in R or D and other gears there is a chattering noise in the front connection of the drive shaft.
Has anyone found a mess on the engine after oil change.. was told that the filter had to be changed from the top?? Reset the CEL.. and after 90 miles.. just about exactly .. it came back on.. How does one know really.. after many codes.. if it's #1 or #2 oxygen sensor... yes I will get the codes.. but this all seems so redundant.. too many people with the same problem.. single older female.. I am a walking target!
My Highlander is the 6 cylander AWD Limited version. Car has 60K miles and has been well maintained. Tires are new.

The check engine light came on in Dec 2012. Diagnostic code showed catalytic convertor malfunction:P0420, P0441, P0455. We disconnected the battery to clear the light, but it came back on. My mechanic can't seem to commit that replacing the convertor is the solution. What else could cause the light to come on and these codes to show? I have changed my gas cap on someone's advice but the light is still on. The car runs fine, but needs to pass inspection soon.
This winter the heat would stop blowing hot air and resume on and off and seemed affected by the knob controls and now the car is making a screeching sould with some vibrating noise when the a/c is running. It doesn't do it when the car starts up, but seems to be triggered when I brake. It stops when I push the a/c button. It doesn't do it with just the fan running and did do it when I ran the defrost too. Is this a compressor?
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