2003 Toyota Highlander Questions

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I am planning to keep my Highlander for another 5+ years. I do need to replace the Struts. Should I also replace the coils at the same time. I have about 170K on the SUV. I do not have a hitch or go offroad.

periodically when braking or accelerating from a stop the ABS engages temporarily. what could it be?
How can I turn off the check engine light and cure the rough engine noise
How long have you had this problem? 1 year
Guess there's is leakages or something but can't really figure out where it's coming from
Rotors have been changed, not the problem. Brakes are fine, tires are good.
Car stops well, does not pull to the right.
Acts like ABS has a dry cylinder.

cost for inspection of belts and radiator flush
There were error messages
I changed all of the o2 sensors on Highlander but check engine light is still present. b1s1 which was the first changed. B1s2 was third changed and no code showning now. But b1s1 Appears again. No hoses are off and has been reset several times by battery as well this code device and after a few seconds of running the car the check engine light comes back on. What should I do now? Plz help lady in distressed.
Changed out all bulbs still can't get the drivers side break light to come on.
read fluid leaking under engine
An intermittent check engine light that is on more that off these days. Changed gas cap with new OEM one. Engine seems to run fine.. smells a little rich on start up. 249,000 miles one my truck.. smog test comming in April. Where should I look?
It seems to have just started
Having brake problem can't keep em on there need new ones 2times a year and rotators changed 1time a year
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