2002 Toyota Highlander Questions

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I got a check engine light a couple of months back. I took it to the dealer and was told all they had to do was reconnect the Purge Valve line. I just go the same check engine indicator and thought I would save $150 and see if the line is off again.
The indicator light remains on after the ignition is turned on what is the problem and how to repair.
Dealership cannot seem to find the issue. Does not misfire until after the vehicle has been driven about 10 to 15 miles
Which terminal should l disconnect first?
Where can i find lamp failure module in 2002 toyota highlander? My right rear brake light doesn't have power, i tested on the terminals without the bulb and housing. The park light terminal has power, but the other terminal (brake) doesn't have power even when brake pedal is pressed. Do you happen to know where exactly can i find or how to reveal the brake lights junction (presumably somewhere between the fuel filler lid and left brake light housing)?
Check engine light came on. Purge valve for a 4 cylinder car was ordered and placed inside a 6 cylinder car. Will problems occur or not since the wrong purge valve was installed?
And it has no power and I need to change the plugs so what should I replace and how much should someone charge me to do both ?
The auto technician tried to disconnect a wire from the bonnet area and the vibration stopped, but the ABS and brake light was now showing on the dashboard. When he reconnected it, the light went off but the vibration returned again. what is the solution to this problem
New bulbs, correct sizes, but keep blowing fuses. Any advice?
On an all wheel drive 2002 Highlander. Rear hubs and bearings were replaced approximately 20k miles ago. Needing to again be replaced.
Just wondering if a faulty brain box can make the engine to be firing on its own irregularly, causing the rpm to be going up and down when not engaged but when it is engaged with my leg on the break pedal,the rpm comes down to the first mark thereby causing the engine not to steam normally.Also intermittently the car will fire itself and then becomes normal and then goes back to steam irregularly with the rpm dropping again.But when the car accelerate,it seems ok.
When I keep my foot on the gas gently it keeps running, if I lift off it dies. I kept my foot on it to see if warming up the car would do anything and then it worked. What is happening? My mechanic couldn't find a problem because he needs it to be in this state before he can fix it. Then charged me to tell me he couldn't do anything!
The VSC, Trac system does not respond to switch. It stays "off." Any suggestions?
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