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Receiving a racking sound at the steering wheel shaft when speed is up to 45 - 60 and slightly turning to the right. Detail is that when terminals are verified they seem very hard and stiff; just a slight movement on the left inner terminal.
This just recently happened.
started out idling slow now it idling very high
My car shows codes P420 and P1150 after having P1135 A/F sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 replaced. Now dealer is saying I need to replaceexhaust pipe to repair leak. Est. of repairs is 1300. Any one know about this stuff?
My 2001 Highlander has 2 issues. If I start the engine with the heater on it squeals like a belt issue. Soon as I turn heater off it quits. Sound like a belt? I have an sound similar to an exhaust leak, more like a loud hum. Irritating if sitting in the back seat. A quick check does not appear to be exhaust. Noticed it quiets when turning wheel to the right. Could this be CV? Anyone with a similar problem that's been corrected that could shed some light. $ are tight, trying to avoid unnecessary service call.
using a quart every 300 miles. none on the pavement. slight smoking from tailpipe
evapouration emission control system purge flow is malfuntioning
I was decelerating and coming to stop on a very slight decline and the engine just suddenly shut off. I glanced at the dash and all the sensor indicator lights were on. I pulled over to the side and the engine started up again with no problem. This is the first time it has happened. I'm just paranoid that this could happen again while traveling on the freeway. Vehicle is well maintained with 144,000 miles.
Recently, I noticed an odd situation with my AC -- when the dial for tempearture is rotated all the way for the coldest temperature, the air comes out HOT. If I rotate the dial "one click" clockwise, it comes out cold, but NOT as cold as it did before. What is wrong with the AC unit?
The SUV is in good shape; however, it's 9 years old with 98,000 miles on it. Now, the glove compartment has locked up on me and will not open! It has my license in there and I'm unable to drive with this massive inconvenience!
I was told the thermostat controller is out.
When car is running, it sounds like there is one of those cans that people put on the end of their exhuast pipe to make it sound muffled, except this sound is coming from under the engine. It sounds like an exhaust problem, like there is a hole in the muffler, but upon viewing, I can see no visible leakes or holes. It almost sounds like my muffler has a huge hole in it, but I can see anything and it seems to be coming from under the engine?????
summary evaluation indicated some problem with the fuel / air control mileage on car is 46,000 mi.
What is the recommended mileage at which the timing belt should be changed on a 2001 Highlander? Cost in South SF Bay Area Calif?
check engine light has been a constant problem for the past 3-4 yrs. 01" highlander, 77000 miles, has had o2 sensors changed and fuel mixture sensors changed over this time. Light has come on again(need to have this one read), is this a common problem for this year? Up to the first 5-6 yrs never a problem.
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