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Diagnosed the problem as a failed nox sensor
They have diagnosed the now sensor as faulty on my Toyota Highlander 2001
I mean that when am driving my suv goes off, and restart while on motion, or when I on my head lamps its act like d suv restart again, the engines goes off and restart. I almost lost control of the vehicle when it happened this morning cause I was on top speed. What is the cause.
shop has recommended
as expected, at start up to 10 mph hard to turn, otherwise not difficult to steer; I have heard it might lock up
the lights have been on for quite some time
It occurs when I break and turn to the left
My car has always idled at around 1000 rpm, but recently it started making a strange noise while idle and while driving between 1000 and abour 2500 rpm. It stops when I go faster, btu when driving low speeds it sounds like the car is humming almost. Any advice? No emergency lights have come on.
How many gallons to fill up the gas tank
Heater and AC no longer work - was sporadic but able to fix sometimes (not always) by twisting knob for temperature and getting it in the "right" place. Then left it exactly there and only used on/off. But now nothing works except the fan does blow current temperature air.
all the time blowing the 25a radio fuse. the vehicle still wont start. i broke out the tester and get high readings on the tow fuse. andy help is more than appreciated.
What do I need to do or replace to fix this problem?? Thank You.
$1,000 work done in January
only does it when I cut the heat or ac on,just makes a high pitch sound,could it be the fan
I have had the rear engine torque mount replaced and it kicks when I'm going in reverse. It happens mostly when I'm trying to back up a hill. Is it the transmission? What can I do to fix this?
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