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where is the integration relay located on my 2001 highlander
I currently have gotten new transmission new catalytic converter o2 sensors maf sensor timing belt water pump...Check engine light on cant get past 3 gear without rpm over 3000. No power and chattering noise. Help
Tachometer was working fine until I was about a mile from home, abs and brake warning lights both came on at the same time and fuel gauge needle began fluctuating. This was all simultaneous. Turned the car off and restarted abs and brake lights both turned off but tachometer still not registering. Aliens or?
The thermostat was removed,but has been replaced.I thought the fan had To rotate on starting So I called an electrician Who added so many wires as the fans are working.but what's the effect of the so many Wires in the engine?
also The car jerks,shows a blinking engine malfunction signal,d fans were not rotating so so a wire relay was we hear there is no need for that.what effect could the added relays have on d engine?
at first it was occasionally it's a lot more often now
Is anyone know why both the ABS & Break Lights are ON-n-OFF at the same time while driving? Sometime these lights were OFF by themselves after I have drive for few miles, sometime these lights are ON while I'm driving the car, sometime they were stay ON for few days. Another problems: both the Signal and Emergency lights are not working or dead, I found that a 25V FUSE for these lights was broken, however at every time I put a new FUSE on and turn ON a signal/emergency light then it burned or shock out a Fuse right away. I believed the wires must be touched one another some where. I need someone helps to tell me how to fixing these problems. The car is running great but the signal & emergency lights are not working and also the those ABS & Break lights are ON-n-OFF while driving. I'm looking to hearing from you. Here is my email address:

Mr. Vang
Turn on the AC and about 15 seconds the compressor stops turning and the AC light begins blinking. Owners manual says only to take it to the shop.
During the 15 seconds it operates the suction pressure drops to about 40 and the discharge reaches about 200 psi. Ambient temp about 70 deg F.
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