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Check engine light on:diagnosis; 1&4 ignition coil . Replace ignition coil but the same problem. At first start engine it is normal condition,drive a few distance the engine starts shaking . like it also lose power and the sound is rattling
can smell gas inside vehicle.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when windows are up
How long have you had this problem? few months
after a while the radio light came on but was dim and then bright and then dim and then evened out to the regular light the radio has when it is on. What is the problem
A red flag has popped up on the car dash screen what does that mean?
I love to read novels and digest, It make me crazy I want to read novels and digest during driving.. How can i Do this??? Please help me out...
I have some leather jackets. When I drive a car with wear leather jacket Some say I m stupid. Is it???

Which one is most suitable visit the site and tell me
I have maintained it well and just had to replace the catalytic converter and some pipes. Is it worth investing or should I be thinnig about replacing it?
PS mine doesn't have the star wheel adjustment. It has a different kind of adjustment system. Any information would be great thanks.
I have an automatic Transmission Echo.I felt a soft downshift as if driving a standard then 30 seconds later the car cut off and I had no power to drive. All electrical worked. I waited 5 minutes then it started again and was able to drive.
Battery was changed out. I picked up the vehicle from the dealership stopped at a traffic light and the car cut off again!! Waited for 5 minutes, it started then I drove off again. WHAT is Wrong with my Echo

My catalytic convertor is fine. The cost of a direct fit convertor (which I have presently) is about twice the price of the convertor by itself. I was wondering if it's possible to get my hands on the pipe between the convertor and the manifold and weld it to the convertor that I have now.

Looking for a cheap fix the car will soon have 400 000km not sure investing long term is a solution

Just got a diagnostic from a muffler shop and in addition to a few items, suggested I replace my front brakes and rotors because I'm down to 20%. I'm not hearing any noise or noticing and decreased braking power. At what percentage of wear should I replace my brakes? Or should I just listen for the warning strips as my guide?

On hot days my air con doesnt work. On cool days it blows cold air but when its about 25C and sunny it just doesnt seem to be able to blow cold air out at all.
Where do I find diagram for 2005 Toyota Echo Engine
A 10 amps fuse is blowing out everytime I am turning on my fan or air conditionner. Is there anybody knows what it is about? I don't know where to start to fix that problem.

Thank you
how do you adjust the headlight's on my car and what kind of tool do i need
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