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But sounds like batt is dying,I needed gas and someone out gas in from gas can 2 min later if that car ran rough and died will not start and killed my batt. What do I check or do ?
A mechanic is selling me his manual toyota echo 2003 model in fairly good conditions and moderate price (1600 USD) . I'm a student and can't afford luxury cars. Only issue in my mind is that it has already run 3 hundred and 50 thousand kms. I want to know what is the useful life if Toyota echo engine. IF i purchase it, would i be able to get another hundred and 50 thousand kms from it or should i look for other cars.The overall condition of the car seems to b very good. Any suggestions wud be appreciated
attempt to get it fixed. Last year, Spider webs were cleaned out (from where I don't recall), and after a week the light reappeared. This year I replaced the purge solenoid valve. Again, after just a few days, the check engine light is back on. I need to get my car inspected and know it won't pass!
172,000 miles. Regular maintenance. Transmission is slipping and has little to no power. Finding it hard to believe that the transmission in a Toyota is already bad. Could it be something else besides the transmission? Only other codes are EVAP system but those shouldn't affect the transmission. Thanks.
Does anyone now where i could get original parts for my 2003 Echo. The original parts on the car have lasted 350,000 miles so far and i would like to get parts from the original manufacturer. If they lasted this long then they will last another 350,000 miles or more. i want to see if i can get to the one million mark on the car, and farther!!!!!!!!!
Prior eveb b4 I owned it.. it has 123000 miles on ran great b4 is this the PROBLEM FERRRSUREE N IF I BUY THE PARTs WILL IT BRING IT back to as good as it was. . Seeing the assembly new runs 70-99$ ...
I put slightly over-sized rims and low-profile tires on my Echo. Big O assured me the fit was OK. Ever since, the rear tires rub when going over speed bumps while carrying a load in the trunk or 2 people in the back seat. Is there a solution other than going back to stock wheels?
When this happens , I quickly put it in park. A few days ago I had a tune up and everything on my car. The mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with the brakes. When they drove it it was okay. Then after I left them, I was stopping at a light and it kept rolling so I had to go over the line and over a railroad track to stop it quickly. It happened again on the way home
I tightened the drive belt because while driving the 5 speed manual transmission noises are heard that do not exist when the air conditioner is off. What is the most inexpensive repair attempt and what else could be causing the noise? water pump? compressor clutch? what else could it be and where should I start after tightening drive belt?
hey,my car is missing on petrol ihv changed fuel pump,changed injectors also the sensor located at the air intake box still no improvment,what to do now?
any other sensor that i should change.
waiting .. thankyou.
I had my transmission fluid flushed and then began experiencing loss of response and delayed shift into overdrive (60mph before "Kick Down"). This is a big change for my car. After a drive with a transmission specialist he suggested that it was a catalytic converter. Replacing the cat helped a lot with performance in the lower gears but I continue to have an issue on the top end. Any thoughts?
like a flywheel making noise. i dont hve a flywheel. someone said it my be my timing chain since i dont hve a timing belt. i wld like to knw how much its goin to cost to fix it including labor? and who shld i take it to get it fix besides the dealership?
I took out the sensor and blow it clean but I still have the problem of the car been accelerated, I have a friend and told me to change the flow sensor but am not sure if that has anything to do with it? HELP
I had my oil changed and was told that the car had a broken sway bar link. How would I know that this is true and how much would a replacement cost? And what's the average cost of a fuel injection cleaning. I live in in Clayton County, GA
My wife called me this morning saying that her car has very little power while in gear, she said she barely made it up a small incline in our apt complex. She also said it seems to be "bouncing" (that was the best way she could describe it). Any ideas?
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