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The ac works as long as the car is moving but blows hot air at a stoplight.
My toyota corolla 1.6 2015 model car engine long cranking after start.
31000 miles drove perfect went out to start it won't fire had what sounded like a miss fire. Now the anti theft alarm keeps going off. Radio and all lights work , power steering light and check engine light is staying on.
Buy 2015 Corolla S 1.8 L should I change the transmission fluid in it at 15000 miles
Why does it seem like I need power steering fluid
While I was driving, steering wheel and brake pedal has locked, all of a sudden. The engine was still on. I turned off the engine with the key, and when I turned on the engine again, both of steering wheel and brake were working again. I bought this brand new Toyota Corolla 2015, 1 year ago, from Toyota Dealer. This dealer is shady and I can't trust them. What should I do?
the rpm needle goes up when it shakes it's more like a hard vibration but I don't think that's normal ?
Around 15,000 mile my Car Jerk/Engine Hesitate from full stop. I took it to the Toyota dealer where I bought the car but they told me its normal. I want to know if people with the 2013-2016 corolla have this same problem. I want to know if there fixed out there.
switch the car on but car dose not crank, but turns. trying to see if it's the fuel pump or bad gas
On a cargo van I once drove, the lower back of the seat was straight(ish), and the slight angle (crease that's indented) was higher up where the shoulder blades rest. On my corolla, the angled crease is in the center, causing the middle of my back to bend and hunch over. I was trying to look for some sort of seat cover that would reshape it to the comfortable type of seats I like so much. Do things like that exist? And if so, what do I search for? (Because the only results I get are basic seat covers or braces/cushions of various types, no matter what o search)
I'd even be willing to buy an entire new seat if that were my only option/possible lol.
Please let me know!
Thanks so much! -James
Since I change my intake it happens and my acceleration is getting lie and my mph is not going to more than a 85 mph
Gear oil is different than motor oil ,I wanna know when i need to change the gear oil / Motor oil
My car was rear ended while parked about a week ago, yesterday i tried to turn it on and nothing no clicking sound light work and don't dim, called the insurance but they charge for towing so if i could at least turn it on for about 10 miles it would be great
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