2014 Toyota Corolla Questions

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sometime cars making noise which hurts and vibrate ears it fron right hand sight passenger sides took to lots of mechanic could not found whats wrong it it slow poising if drives for months you feel it 2014 corolla got 78000 miles on it thanks.
The trim on the lower corner of windshield on driver side has come totally loose. Can this be glued back on and if so what type of glue to use. Car is a 2014 Corolla.
My electrical wiring was flooded out during a storm. Wires under seat may need replacement. Air conditioning won't blow. Air bags may not deploy. The wiring for both systems were under water.
My uncle is trying to change the fluid on my corolla
I hv toyota corolla made in canada but using in oman (MUSCAT)
Means i hv to chng oil only ot oil filter also
And let me know how i can fix main req light indicator
5 second flash since yesterday flashing
12/16 and 01/23/2017 mostly in afternoon while at work and car has set for hours.
After changing my transmission fluid and using normal CVT fluid I have no acceleration at all it takes me so long to get up to speed but once I'm up to speed on the highway I can maintain but at a higher RPM 75 miles per hour is flight 4002 4500 RPMs could this be because of the wrong CVT fluid I know the right amount is in there so what else could it be
I want to know where the fluid can be changed in the transmission
i have a 2014 corolla eco and a light came on (abs/stability control). code p1585 acceleration sensor circut.
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