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Plugged in my gps and possibly pressed the on button for too long. Now my clock and radio do not work. Mechanic says the interior fuse box is getting no power. Is this because of the gps?
Subassy bent in the rear
Began after driving to Door County from Chicago, about 4 hours.
I've received conflicting information regarding this
My issue is my radio comes on without the key in the switch , this started 10/15/2016. The only way to cut the radio off is with the on/off button. If I don't cut it off the radio will continue to play. This is so weard to me. I want to know is there any recalls or anything on this.
the wiper fluid is leaking due to a cracked reservoir and the pump is whining and is not spraying
I had Advance Auto read the code and was told that cylinders 2 and 3 misfired. My check engine light is on along with my "Trac Off" light. I have no cruise control. Advance said that the engine coded with P 3202 and P 3203, meaning cylinders two and three misfired. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Thanks in advance. Lee
my tire pressure light came on this morning on way to work, will everything be ok till i can get it checked after work? and, is it ok to drive it?
Bought new. My car either one, seems to be missing a low fuel indicator; or, two is showing defective functioning bulb?
if engine is cool is power is good
The normal time is 5 seconds
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