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My toyota crolla indicated Check and Trac OFF alarm light on how i can turn off? Also the horn sound is not working please give advice to fixed out.
My 2012 Toyota corolla automatic transmission has problem while shifting from 3rd to 4th gear. RPM rises and jerks while continuously pressing the accelerator but if I release the accelerator gear shift smoothly.
When i stop i see rpms going to fourth line
rpm go to 4-5 on hills, does not accelerate and then lurches forward
It's winter and I find cold outside air coming in through the top of the lower glove box. What is that all about? How do I stop it?
Temp outside was about 20 degrees both came on a.nd won't go off. Gas was purchased the day before
I bought the car from Canada and the first time I changed the oil and filter the maintenance required showed up till now.
The past 5 months right after I got my oil change my car has been making a weird scraping sound only when stopped at a light but it stops if I put my car in neutral. Now I'm coming across an issue whenever I turn right my car will shut off.. Usually if I just keep driving it comes on right away but today it shut off and I had to get to the side so I can turn it completely off and back on. I'm scared it might shut off and I'll get in an accident... Please someone help I have a warranty still do u think it's a machanical or electronically issue maybe? Please help me and tell me
The a/c was not working and the motor was changed. It worked for some few days and it does not chill. How should the a/c be put on. Is is after the engine start or should be already on before starting engine?
I took my car to Toyota today to find out what problem is with the abs light. First I'm not having any problems with the car. They indicated the computer is not working and they told me it will cost 4000.00 to fix. They said it's not fault it's a bad part. My warrenty is over 3 years. So I what can I do I think this is a rip off
The tires are still new and the brakes are fine and no accidents or any other problem when driving. What does something like that cost. I took it to Toyota and still waiting for a quote.
I'm able to drive on Three Gear, but in automatic Drive gear option, the car is not exceeding a speed of 50kms/hr and it is directly shifting to neutral gear. what could be the probable answer.
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