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The car drives well until maybe an hr after it becomes sluggish. You accelerate but does not move more than 40km per hr . after some time it starts moving properly again. I scanned the car and it gave a P2770 error, what do i do?
When a step on the gas it make a louder then usually acceration noise
Cooler line connection very corroded...what is best way to replace?
All I have
Why is my car cutting off when I brake or turn a curve? And before it cuts off the radio cuts off and all the light on dash light up? Its also hard to steer when this happens.
Call when he hit 34000 miles on it acts like it's not getting any fuel turning over battery good starter good wants to start but no start no codes
2011 Toyota Corolla LE, 70k miles. The struts are new. The repair shop told me the pare is a generic part with NO brand name. Charged me $480 to install (2) front struts and alignment. Is that reasonable?
Went to have my car inspected. It failed the emission test. The mechanic said he is seeing Code c1201.
My auto idles, accelerates, and shifts smoothly, however, the engine rpm fluctuates while crusing. The tac will drop 200 - 500 rpm momentarily then return to its original speed. This appears to happen randomly and can occur several times a minute and at any speed. The OBD does not throw a code. So far, I have changed the air filter, cleaned the MAF sensor, and ran through a tank of gas laced with Sea Foam. Any suggestions?
dealership says they see dry rot on the tires but I don't
I noticed my fms indicating around 25 mpg. I used to get around 32 driving back and forth to work, a mile or two less in cold weather. Also noticed my tach was running around 2900 rpm at 65 mph where I think normal was around 2100 rpm. The car has 39,000 miles and it is an automatic. It seems like it might not be kicking into OD. I noticed I started getting poor gas mileage within the last 2 weeks. Now that weather has gotten above single digits, it has not improved.
Did not drive car for over 30 days. Able to jump start car, but with engine on, and car in gear, it does not move. What could be the problem. No problems prior to going away and not driving car.
Must be an easy way to turn off lights. Toyota says it points to a wheel sensor; popular problem. They have not looked at the vehicle.
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