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My VSC sensor initially went out because of me. Let me explain. I was trying to install an amp for stereo, while trying to breach the firewall, I drilled through something connected to the VSC. I took it to the Dealership I bought it from, they said it was the brake boost system. They ended up having to replace the entire system. Upon saying it was "fixed." I drove it off the lot and not 5 minutes after driving all acceleration went out again. I took it back. After a week of waiting they said it was the acceleration system or VSC. And that there were sensors that could be out of whack. They replaced one of the two vsc sensors charged me for it. Then without even giving it back to me told me that the sensor replacement didn't fix everything and that an entire pedal replacement should do the trick, so I said go ahead, after all of this the VSC worked for about a month 3 weeks exactly and the first time I took it out over 60mph it went out. I'm beyond frustrated. This is just bad business to me. Am I being manipulated here? Are VSC's on toyota's this complicataed? Any help would be appreciated

i am planning to buy a used 2010 toyota corolla LE is there anything major problem with this car like a transmisson, engine ,leaks

well when I trun the car on the check engine light comes on an the VSC light flashes when it say its off

I was told my timing chain housing has an oil leak. I would also like to know the replacement cost for the timing chain.

everything else works fine. brake light work, runs smooth transition smooth

Is it something serious or a tune up? It's been happening for a week. How hard is it to remove the trans and take it to a shop? I'm trying to keep the cost down.

and if it is how much to replace

The car starts up with rpm at around 2 or 3000 then goes dips down to less than 1000 rpm and is very shaky. At some red lights, it shakes as though it will turn off. I'm thinking it could be O2 sensor, catalytic converter, something with the fuel system, or even drive belts. Any professional opinion would ve very helpful!

(power steering, power windows, power door locks, ac, accessories, radio, etc.) This came after I hooked up a portable booster (without car's own battery). When I turned on the key the horn came on but when I turned the key off and started the car, it started.

the starter motor has been replaced but it is still doing it and it makes me think that the starter shouldn't have been replaced and its something else

The check engine light is on and the vsc light is flashing and it's off

When I put it into drive it made a clunking noise. It felt like I wasn't giving it any gas, so I pressed harder on the accelerator, and it still barely moves. The CEL is on. I checked the gas cap, and it was tight, and there are no visible cracks in it. I called the dealership, and they suggested having it towed so they could check the code. They suggested a computer problem or transmission problem. Any ideas?