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Both rear doors do not lock automatically any longer. They will both unlock, just not lock back. How much is the repair and can I do it myself?
The ac works great but the controls have had to be giggled to turn it on for a week or so. Then today, it lost the connection completely and i can't turn it on. Mom got an estimate for 1k??? But it seems like a short or panel knob or a loose wire vs a major issue. Suggestions???
car bought with a broken door check stop driver side how to repair
blew now? Also, the timing chain cover had a crack, could that have happened with the repair of the water pump? They also sealed the head gasket saying there was a leak.
Please help me understand, thank you
The car was running fine and it died while going down the road. She said it acted like it was running out of gas. Then she stopped and it started right back up. When she tried to put it in gear it died again. Put it back in park and started right back up.
200K on engine. about the last 50K the idle has been low and rough very intermittent but getting worse. Took it to dealership they check compression and said number 4 cylinder was bad, authorized a valve job...said they could not do a valve job walls to thin!! purchased a engine with 60K and them install...they said that should take care of problem....I've had the car back about a month and 3500.$$ later it's doing it again...when I stop the idles drops very low and rough then pops back up...I did take it back and they cleaned the throttle intake they said that's all it could be!!! obviously they haven't a clue. the car runs great I've done all the you know what the problem is?
The AC work it just not blowing AC to the middle fan but the pass & drive side AC blow fine.
The side side blow ac but the middle doesn't blow air
how do i clear camshaft position actuator circuit bank 1
What could be the problem?
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