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Remove and replace including timing chain set, water pump and thermostat.
Hello, my name is Aaron and I have a 2009 Toyota Corolla S that was repossessed, but when I got the car back, the A/C, Blinkers, Radio, Power Windows, Wipers, & Power Steering do not get power. I had a Breathalyzer and a car audio system in it that they pulled and I'm guessing that's when the problem occurred. I have checked power and the "10 AMP" fuses do not get receive power from the battery in the fuse panel under the hood, the first 4 in the upper left hand side. I believe the Cooling Fan is also out of power. I have even checked a few relays. Seem to be ok. The lines in from the battery are hot and the fuses are not blown.
Thank you if you can help!!
It is a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE and the check engine light goes off after I fill up the tank. The light then comes back on in a few days. What could be causing this? This did not start until after I took the car in for an oil change.
2009 Toyota Corolla won't pass inspection due to systems not being ready , the car has been driven more than 200 miles after the initial inspection and still say not ready
Cranks over but immediately dies; lights come on; only occurs in the morning; remote starter not working as well
The calipers have been changed and brake oil flows normal.
dealer estimate to remove clean reseal and reinstall timing cover to stop oil leakage. Sounds high. I have not seen any oil on ground.
while I am driving , car suddenly no stop , I try to push accelerate Paddle ,but no response , I try to off & start engine no response
It sounds like water shifting when I make a turn. All this happens when the AC is running. Please help.
The don't started
I replace alternator but forgotting disconnected the battery accidently one cable touched the body of the alternator, a big spark came, now I only can start the engine and that was it nothing else worked I did check all the fuses every looked ok.
Help Please
Is like the gear moves at gear 3 at first start,
the low tire pressure light comes on when starting it flashes for about 1 minute then stays on checked all tires all 4 are above 30 lbs
i just bought a 2009 Corolla, took it home for one day and has not done the inspection sticker yet, I check engine came on the next day. Brought back to a small dealer and was told that he took to Toyota dealer for a test, not sure what the code was, but said that the something wrong with the timing chain valve. They are waiting for the part and will take the next few days to complete the job. Now I am not sure if I should return the car or keep it.
Now the Engine check light is on, " SC off" light blinking, "slip indicator" light on. How do I reset these lights?
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