2008 Toyota Corolla Questions

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changing my clutch, now need to know how to remove the gearbox

the car starts and go off immediately it starts especially in the morning,but works ok in the afternoon

It came on today & me steering became hardl like the car was going to shut off

Changed all four coil packs and spark plugs

because it is old and stuck open. They charged me $99.00 just to tell me this and then said this amount would be credited back to the charge of $780.oo. I am working part-time and raising my grandchild and so I don't have that kind of money. Is it covered by a recall?

we had new winter tires put on and the pressure light came on - we check the tire pressure so we need to reset - but where is the reset button? we changed the rim size from 17 to 15 - does this have anything to do with it?

I took it to mechanic and they could not find a problem.

Engine light came on just after driving off and stayed on vehicle also lost power whilst going up hill and dry cell battery that powers car is low

The fan is going on and off with the clutch. How do I fix this.

car randomly wouldn't crank up. replaced all spark plugs. my husband sprayed carb cleaner and it sounded like it wanted to crank but didn't. so my engine just keeps rolling over but with no crank. my husband friend says this is my computer messed up. what could be the problem?? checked all fuses and replaced ones that were bad. checked fuel pump and we can hear it come on when the motor is rolling over, we are left not understanding what to check now bc im not paying to haul this car to Toyota is its the computer but I would like to fix this at home if I knew where to go from asap

just replaced ac compressor