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My 2008 Toyota Corolla S check engine light is on due to a sensor that controls speed? Dropped the transmission pan an changed the fluid was going to change sensor but they sent the wrong one. Put fluid back in an the light went out for a good while,that was last year so it passed inspection. Now back on for this year an wondering if their was a easier way of getting the light out. Need it quick because my tag has already ran out because of this light! Don't have the money to take to a mechanic.
The original computer was replaced in 2009 by a Toyota recall. In 2016 the check engine light came on and I was told to replace the computer. That cost $3000. It was fine for a year? and now the light is off and on frequently since Nov. 2017. The car runs fine. Mechanic wants to start over.
Ignore it or sell it?
It as well occur when entering into potholes after driving for like 2hrs.

But when you off the engine and on it back, the indicator light will disappear and everything will be normal back till when it occurs again.
I had to take the battery out so I can change the headlight bulb and now the car is running slow
My car has starting problem since 4 month before three months problem coming twice in a month but now coming every 2 days and if car started then no problem you can start stop many times that day then no starting problem only first time starting problem car taking long self untill you press the key but not started I check battery starter is good their is no engine check in light but car not started I checked with computer also their is no fault code but when starting problem that time I try maybe more then 10 times then it's got started but some times it's started after 2 days crank sensor also replace ,plug also good engine oil change before 1 month 2 times computer reprogrammed but still same starting problem some mechanic told key immoblizer problem but when I inserting key security light got off and blinking untill I remove the key but when it's started then it's running normal.please give me suggestions what I need to do
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When the engine is cold or I stop my car at night then I started morning but not started but sometimes with first self started.sometimes morning I started but evening not started
How long have you had this problem? 4 month
The radio does not work anymore
How long have you had this problem? One week
changing my clutch, now need to know how to remove the gearbox
the car starts and go off immediately it starts especially in the morning,but works ok in the afternoon
It came on today & me steering became hardl like the car was going to shut off

Changed all four coil packs and spark plugs
because it is old and stuck open. They charged me $99.00 just to tell me this and then said this amount would be credited back to the charge of $780.oo. I am working part-time and raising my grandchild and so I don't have that kind of money. Is it covered by a recall?
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