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One morning I found that my blower motor wouldn't come on with or without the AC button pushed. I could turn the blower switch from off to 2 a few times and then it would kick on. That lasted a few days, but now the blower won't come on at all and the AC light doesn't illuminate. The recirculate and rear defrost lights come on still. I checked the fuses and they were good. I also replaced the blower motor and no luck. It doesn't sound like the compressor is kicking on because in the past when I would turn the AC on you could hear and fed it load the engine a little more. Any ideas?
When hot weather of 47c, strong fume comming out from evap canister, what would be the cause? What part to be replace or check? Ty
im from malaysia and recently bought a seconhand toyota vios. The problem is i hear a whissing sound from the front passenger side of the car. the sound is loudest at between 60 to 70 km either while im accelerating or decelerating. what could be the problem cos i have change my wheel bearings after consulting a mechanic but the sound is still there. i need help. thank you
The car has a hard starting problems, within 15-20 minutes after parking/driving.
I need to get parts for my '07 Corolla and I found a used '99 I can take parts from. I'm wondering if they will work.
This has all gone out together. The only warning was the clock dimming.
No air comes out at all. What could be the problem?
the heat shield has rusted loose and is making a knocking sound.
A while back I replaced my car stereo. Bought a wiring and stereo install kit and everything works fine, then I tried to install an amp. Hooked up the trigger wire from the amp to what I thought was the right wire (An orange wire from the car that was unused when I installed the new stereo). It didn't work and now my tail lights, lights in my console (AC, shifter, etc), and the turn signals when I unlock the doors don't turn on. The braked lights, headlights, and turn signals (the rest of the time) work fine. I replaced the tail relay with no change, tried reinstalling the stock stereo, again no change.
Any ideas?
A broken radiator was change because it's shorts water easily.
Even now the replaced radiator does same.

Please what can I do?
1.I experience a loud noise for about 30 secs when i start my car in the morning and after parking for about two hours.

I experience this every day or every two hours after parking.

1. Power supply car tape fluctuated and stopped. Now my inner light at the car roof do not com up.
My sensor got ripped by weeds and now I just have the wires hanging out and a new ambient temp sensor does not come with the plug. How can I find it?
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