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I just changed my head gasket and it shows the low oil pressure light , it only shows when I'm driving for About 30 to 40 minutes it will blink repeatedly and then stay on and when I shut off the engine it won't appear until driving for 30 - 40 minutes and it will repeat this. It's not making any loud grinding,whining noise ,the oil is not low , the oil pump is not making noise, the oil is not milky, is it possible if I can clean the oil sensor? Or what else can cause this problem. And is it a major problem ? This only happen after changing the head gasket . Thanks for any help :)
Car doesn't turn over or make any sound have all power in car tryed to jump start did nothing put a rebuilt starter and new battery about 6 mo ago and turned it off and wouldn't start waited a few then it started about five more times that hour and now nothing at all happens
Toyota Corolla 2006.

I had a check engine light go off, this what I did.
1- checked with 2 different scanners.
2-Replaced oxigen sensor.
3- Check engine light went away...for 3 weeks.
4- Cleaned the other sensor with brake cleaner and dry it with air.
5- Check engine went away...for 2 weeks.
6- scanned with 2 sensors, the PO171 came back plus another one #P0741. These codes came from a scanner my son bought for $20 online.
7- Took it to Autozone again and the PO171 showed again PLUS I will write exactly what its in a printout the gave me : ASE certified Master technician have seen this issue on your type of vehicle and the most likely solution is : Replace ECM. ( No code for this)
8- I did some research and found out that Toyota had a recall for ECM's made for my kind of car.
9- Called Toyota gave them the VIN # and they said the ECM was already replaced on my car.
My car runs good, it won't fail to start or respond strangely or randomly shut off while driving. It has 195,000 miles
A guy from Auto Zone store checked and the code is P0741:Torque converter clutch solenoid problem,they dont have the part on store and show me the picture of it.I try to get it in Amazon different sites online and in a few auto parts stores,the problem is that they show me four different parts and prices from $40.00 to $400.00.. The car is running without problem.?Can you show me the picture of the right part .
I didn't have any problems until I detailed the interior of my vehicle but then the airbag light stays on on the drivers side. Is there a fuse that might have blown? Or what could it be?
My Corolla's engine will not turn on. When the key is turned, you hear nothing (not even a crank). The starter was checked and it was working fine. Fuses were checked and they were fine. Ignition cylinder (where the key enters the ignition) is not broken. Auto mechanic friend believes it could have something to do with the factory security system. Please advise.
transmission went into limp mode. after a few miles went back to normal operation. did this several times. jhad mechanic check with computer & replaced all sensors that were reading bad.changed trans filter & fluid. fluid was black.on test drive operated normal then back to limp won't change gears but goes into reverse & drive as it should. like the car but don't want to spend more than it is worth. already spent over 500$ on parts. really want to fix it but i have had some bad experiences with tranny rebuilds on other cars i have had done in this area. even some of the so called best as advertised with warranty. need help!!
Just bought a battery 4 months ago for corolla. Now I am selling. Want to swap battery from the jeep, which needs to be replaced soon, to the corolla, and use the newer corolla battery in my jeep. Just wondering if this is possible?
changed o2 sensors @ codes keep coming up with p0606 . do i reset computer & how.tanks
The car died and its on the freeway. When my son tries to start it it just goes tick tick tick tick- please help
I am not having any luck finding out how to fix my 2006 Toyota Corolla (US built) as the right front brake locked up after going through a parking lot slowly. It cooled and I was able to drive again for several weeks -- no trouble lights on. Then it did it again. We replaced caliper, pads, and the soft brake line from the caliper. Within 15 minutes problem developed again -- slower acceleration, noted drag and pulled over to find right front brake locked up again.

We finally even ordered a salvaged pump/controller which was bench tested as fine. New was $2000 plus -- this was about $200. Paid hundreds to have Toyota dealership remove and replace then flush with their scan tool. They called me to let me know it was all fixed. I drove it around the block and parked. By the time I walked back out it was locked up again. They insist I just need to buy the NEW pump/controller even though the exact same wheel is the problem. I think the odds of that are slim. But I just don't know.

I bought the car new so know that it never did this before. Now I am over $1000 down on an older but good car which has been out of commission for 3 months as no one here seems to know what to do. I live on the Big Island -- Hawaii and have NOT taken it to our other dealership yet -- $$$ drain quickly if they are searching in the dark.

They insisted that everything tested fine after their repair but certainly agreed that it was locked up again.
check engine light was coming on
changed gas cap still coming on
Well taken care of by elderly lady, about 120,000 miles. What cost is she looking at & since numerous complaints would Toyota help with parts
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