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Air/Heat will blow out of the top vents(defrost) and middle vents, but air will not blow out of the floor vents. The cables are connected from the control knob to the side of something located on the wall between the engine and inside of the car and they move when the knob is turned.
All motor/transmission mounts are new and correctly installed. PCV valve new. New Iridium plugs. Clean throttle body and intake tubing, new air filter and oil change. Transmission fluid replaced with castrol import. Belt Tensioner and serpentine belt is new. Please let me know opinions. Vibration can be felt through fenders, floor, and steering wheel. Have checked exhaust system. No check engine light. Engine vibrate violently, but idle is proper at about 750-800 rpms when warm.
This happens when there is snow/rain. The only way to get them to stop is turning off the car as they go non-stop while driving.
I have tried jumper cables and have checked all fuses in the engine area to include the ones behind the steering wheel. Everything works except the car will not do anything when the key is turned.
Had these codes. P0123 TPS A circuit high input P2103 Throttle actuator control circuit high, P3125 TPS A/B Voltage correlation
I was driving my car and it started making this rattling noise. The oil light went from just blinking to staying on all the time.
There is a problem getting the right part. Why should that be so hard?

The light switch inside the car does nothing when you put them on.
Light lit about 5 days ago. 2 days after replacing cap light still on. Where to look for leak next?
What is the 90,000 mile maintenance protocol?
60,000 miles on the car
60,000 miles
my handbrake brake pads were frictionig on the drum. And there was a noise? on my way to home i heard a breaking sound from back. when i got to repair shop. i saw brake peds spring were broken.
after this i saw a cavity on the outer diameter on the right-back disk. please help me to solve this problem...
My used 2005 Toyota Corolla came with mutagi racing wheels 18". I hate the ride and want to go back with OEM wheels. I found some on Craigslist and want to buy but dont know it they will fit. Thanks
it said something about switching valve closed bank 1. the other is second air flow sensor high input bank 1. what should I do? i have a 2005 corolla xrs
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