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Engine light on obd reader will say P 0456
I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla LE - 120K miles

This morning, when I started to drive my car, the dashboard started showing "change oil" light. I drove for a few miles and realized that check engine light also came on. After a few minutes, the car suddenly stopped on the road. Nonetheless, I started the car again, but then car drove for few more minutes and stopped completely. I towed the car to the nearest mechanic who inspected the car to find out that the oil had completely drained from the engine and spilled all over the bottom of the car including brakes, etc. There was not a single drop of oil left in the engine. Also, oil filter was completely gone too. The mechanic told me that the engine has completely jammed and died. i need a new engine to be replaced. Looking for inputs on whether this has happened to somebody and what can be done about it.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? None
How long have you had this problem? Few hours
I get some very annoying rattle noise from my front right brakes/caliper when driver on dirt roads or going through ditches on the road
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When I brake the noise is gone
How long have you had this problem? two weeks
Replaced Ac/Heater control panel and still nothing works.
Replaced my Ac clutch relay fuse and atill nothing works.
I need help in figuring out what might the problem be thanks!
Live in South FL. Freon checked, not the issue. No unusual Noises, just one day stopped sending out cold air while driving.
This is the code I'm getting how do I fix it
I have an '05 Toyota Corolla with around 120k miles on it. I have noticed that while driving on the highway and I exit, once I hit the speed of about 25-30 mph, my car begins to shake and makes noises and my rpms drop to around 500, making it seem like my engine will stall. It seems as though it is not downshifting properly and staying in 3rd gear as I slow down. It only happens when I surpass 40-50 mph.

Also at times after this occurs, if Im in traffic and slow down from a high rate of speed (I drive 70-75 on my daily commute) the acceleration suffers too and will take some time to accelerate, again as if it is in a higher gear (rpm will hover around 800-1k) and slowly accelerate until it reaches almost 3k rpm before it changes gear.

Both these issues/problems have caused the check engine light to come on and off. When I took it to my mechanic to check the codes, it comes back as an error message with no codes. (he believes the issue is computer related)

Is this just a solenoid issue or is it something bigger, or really just as simple as a computer problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you
i turn the key.....all lights are fine and bright but engine wont crank at all.....thanks
The Driver Side Front Wheel gets hotter than all the rest wheel after running some few kilometers
Just happened. Just put in new battery and air filter.
I bought my car at 55k miles! They changed the timing belt (or was it a chain?) as a condition of sale! I am now at 115k miles! Do I need it changing again? I've heard chains last longer and that an 05 model should be a chain! How would I know if it is? Basically, when do I need to replace it again?
The heat in my car doesn't work. The mechanic flushed it out but it still won't work. He claims the water pump needs to be replaced and wants to charge me around 500-600 for everything. Am I getting ripped off?
Changed skpar plugs and changed the valve cover gascet
My car has 91k miles. About a week before I was told they cleaned the pcv valve after which the light went off. Now, a week later the check engine light is back on and I'm told I need a new air fuel sensor & that there is another problem they "can't see" until they replace the sensor. I was quoted $350 which includes labor; I didn't get the work done but wanted to know if this sounds right.
my brake light comes on and my brakes go all the way to the floor and then my car start to hesitate and the engine starts to make some noise but when I put brake fluid in it and brakes getting harder and then there's no more hesitation or engine noise
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