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I have been having issues with my corolla hub I even changed it but the problem still persist, the problem is the sound of the hub while driving ar low speed or high speed and I don't know what to do again please I will be glad if you can help out on this, thank you so much.
failed inspection
Would you guide me how to fix this problem
It doesn't happen often when it acts like it wants to die, but it's only when I'm stopped at a light or sign it spits and sputters and and acts like it is going to shut off. It also vibrates like crazy whenever I'm stopped in drive or reverse
problem starting when I first try starting until it warms up
Car is running fine, and I want to keep it that way. This is preventative maintenance.
cost and time to replace control arms on a 2004 corrolla. should I change the shocks at the same time> is alignment neccessary?
I checked plug to see if that's powered and one side of plug is getting power the other side not, which I'm assuming is the way it's supposed to be like a if power is getting there...and it's a new blower motor..?
Was running fine-parked at work, got in it to go home & nothing. Battery checks good (tried 2), alternator & starter check good. Will not click, make noise or anything. Turn the key & nothing. Lights, buzzers, bells all working fine. Any ideas? Relay or something maybe?!?
No battery lock out
Engine won't startup in Park or Neutral, stick shift moves freely in all gears position
It blows hot air only
The pressure gauge and outside temperature to recharge aren't cooperating and i don't want to overcharge the system so i want to lower the level cause it seems like compressor is engaging but inside is still warm
A mechanic told me I should change my timing chain. I thought I don't need to do this because it's a chain. Please advise
Engine cranks but wont start after installing a starter
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