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Car is running fine, and I want to keep it that way. This is preventative maintenance.
cost and time to replace control arms on a 2004 corrolla. should I change the shocks at the same time> is alignment neccessary?
I checked plug to see if that's powered and one side of plug is getting power the other side not, which I'm assuming is the way it's supposed to be like a if power is getting there...and it's a new blower motor..?
Was running fine-parked at work, got in it to go home & nothing. Battery checks good (tried 2), alternator & starter check good. Will not click, make noise or anything. Turn the key & nothing. Lights, buzzers, bells all working fine. Any ideas? Relay or something maybe?!?
No battery lock out
Engine won't startup in Park or Neutral, stick shift moves freely in all gears position
It blows hot air only
The pressure gauge and outside temperature to recharge aren't cooperating and i don't want to overcharge the system so i want to lower the level cause it seems like compressor is engaging but inside is still warm
A mechanic told me I should change my timing chain. I thought I don't need to do this because it's a chain. Please advise
Engine cranks but wont start after installing a starter
Went it. Drive in. Airbags. Stay. On. Alltime
Corolla S with about 250K miles. Prior, A/C and heater were intermittently working and blowing with cool air (A/C) intermittently with A/C light on and, now, not at all with no power or A/C light turning on.

Thus far, we have:
1) Checked the blower motor and had replaced and worked intermittently in conjunction with being A/C light on or off going off on on by itself. Blower motor works with power out of car, but not in car.
2) Blower Motor Resistor has been changed.
3) Several fuses have been checked including magnetic clutch relay.
4) In dash heater A/C controller has been changed.
5) No diagnostic codes are showing up.

Acts like it is an electrical problem, so our next guess is there must be a broken or loose wire somewhere, but do not see any burned or melted wiring.

Is there something that is common that goes out or have anymore ideas why A/C or Heater might not work? Thanks in advance.
check head light fuses both sides look good, both bulbs on drivers side look good what else can it be?
While driving, I turned on my turn signal and lost all electrical to my car. No dash lights, no air, no windshield wipers, no auto locks, etc. I pulled over to park and restart. Car starts just fine, but no electrical and now it won't move out of park. My emergency blinkers work fine. What could the problem be and how much? I don't won't to get robbed when I take it in. Thank you!
i bring my car to the mechanic but they said that everything is fine, the fuses works perfectly, the bulbs too. but we don;t know exactly where we can found the cause.
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