2002 Toyota Corolla Questions

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The higher the fan the louder the whistle.
Turning off the air and the recirculation buttons didn't make a difference. But turning off the fan did.
It also "appeared" to sound as if it was on one side only but that may be my hearing.

I have my power windows broken because the power windows motor does not work. The reason is the brushes which are in bad conditions. My car is a 2002 Toyota Corolla. If somebody can help me please I'll aprechiat it, thanks.

Is it better to spend now to identify this problem with dye and repair it before anything bigger occurs or nothing to worry about? A/C currently works fine but this was shown to me as something I might want to check out. I wish I could be more specific but this is all I know at this time.

It appears that I have a slow leak and nothing is visable under my car. I had all new break lines put in because the ones I had were rusted and had a leak.
I May 2016 I had a right front caliper and break pads put on and the rear breaks were cleaned and "tuned".
Yet I have my break light on because it's slightly low on break fluid.

My car is an automatic but the shift in in the console between the seats. When I drive there is a loud rattling sound under my car that sounds like it is just below the gear shift or just forward of that. When I put it in neutral it will often stop making that noise. It does not do it all the time.

When I turn on my A/C it smells like mold. I dont know if I get use to it or it goes away after running a long time. I have had the coolant flushed in the past but it just came back a short time after.

The right left tire feels like it is wobbling but only when I go over 60 mph? Sometimes it will wobble enough to make whole car wobble and then suddenly stop and not wobble at all.

I first changed the entire starter/solenoid assy., then installed a new battery and new positive battery clamp and cleaned the wires. It still clicks at the starter (once only) when I turn the key to start.

There no power it driving but there on power at all and can find the problem iv do all the sensor please help me find the problem pleses

or from alternator

I guess like the cost of the entire muffler piping and muffler but not the converter.