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Do the bolts that connect the fuel rail to the engine require washers by the spacers? Mine does not have washers. How do I know if they are seated correctly?
I plug in obd2 code reader i get those codes
2001 Toyota Corolla. Battery light keeps flickering on and off eventually lead up to a dead battery. I replaced alt fuse. Put in a new battery and a new alternator. Battery light came back on a day later wiring all looks good. Connections are clean and tight. No other fuses are burnt. Not sure what to do next
The brake line is rusted
I need help locating the exact location of the cabin air filter on my 2001 toyota corolla so I can replace it.
2001 Toyota Corolla 1.8L ok so when I drive the car like normal slowly accelerate it drives fine but if I put it to the floor it won’t move the rpms go up but no go and when I have the scanner on it it reads multiple missfires like crazy any help? I have checked trans fluid looks good I have picks and a video don’t know how to link it tho. If you send me your email I can send you the video
Need an estimate for repair
What seems to make the problem better or worse? works good
How long have you had this problem? a few months
My air conditioning on my 2001corola s blows cold air with the air control on or also is leaking water on drivers side carpet.
a couple days ago I tried to turn my a/c ON but there was no air coming out. I noticed my compressor kicking in because the car usually idles more than usual when the a/c is on. so I had my compressor on with no air coming out. after a couple seconds I noticed my compressor turned off. I checked all fuses with ohm meter and have tested the relays. I removed the blower and tested it with 12v and it worked. I removed the resistor pack and it ohmed out good. I don't know where else I can look. Evrything seems to be in place. I unplugged my blower, hooked up my voltmeter and I was getting 0 V when I tried to turn the blower on.
engine won't turn over when engine is cold. If engine is warm, no problem
Car engine light was on. And I had due for inspection. One mechanic reset the computer and it came back 10 miles itself. The code was p0171. So they changed MAF sensor and asked me to drive 80 miles before I go to inspection.
I did the same and inspection is failed as system are not ready ( Catalytic and Evap)
But light was back in 100 miles. This time the code was 0446. He told me that it needs $150 to fix. For MAF sensor replacement , he charged $190. I thought to reset and try. He did reset. I drove 100 miles and gone to inspection
It failed again for same reason. I drove 400 miles (highway + local) and also drove the OBD drive cycle (cold start , and etc). I went to inspection again , they said still Evap is not ready. But engine light is not back.
I am planning to drive more in highway (600 miles). Will that help? Or its because of 446 code and I need to fix? But the engine light it not on.
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