2000 Toyota Corolla Questions

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few days ago i went to the store to buy radiator coolant, there were various brand and i was confused to pick one. can you tell me what brand is the best and which colour should i use for my 2000 Toyota Corolla ?
Fitted reconditioned cylinder head with new head gasket and bolts. Engine runs but oil (under pressure) leaks from rocker cover/cam seal on timing gear side. Low compression, 60 psi in cylinders 2 and 3. 180 psi in 1 and 4.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Turning engine off
How long have you had this problem? Since fitting reco head
I want to use a after market ignition coil, will it work
This has never happened before. I just parked the car for more than a week and when i tried to start the engine it could not start. The battery was okay but because i kept on trying to start it the battery went flat eventually. I tried to jump start it still it could not start. What could be the problem? kindly assist?
Tried to jump it and no lights or nothing working can't even get it out of park. Battery light came on before it was turned off
Tried 3 sets of o2 sensors OEM and Toyota. Another computer did not fix it. To get waiver from NYS DMV is at least $450 dollar attempt each year to fix it. Do you know of any false triggers for o2 sensors in Toyotas? It has to be something else causing the codes.
My LTFT is good at idle but goes to 20% under load. I cleaned the MAF - no change.
Replaced O2 sensor before converter. Ran a little smoother after computer figured out the new sensor but still would not re-start after test drive while engine was still warm. Engine is not overheating and idles smooth rpm. Love this car just can't figure out this problem.
when i turn it on and drive makes noise took to mechanic somewer told me didnt have enough oil
Sometimes the car starts right away and sometimes it takes several attempts and sometimes it won't start at all for few days but will start after 2-3 days.
I got the battery tested at autozone 4 different times. Only one time, it showed bad and rest of the times, it passed the test. I still went ahead and replaced the battery for 110$ but I still have the same problem with the new battery :(
Please let me know the solution. Thanks in advance.
Checked wires flashers work signals don't help.
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