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Can Echo 2 button main switch power window be used in corolla conquest 1999
Do not experience any funny sound apart from the normal gear sound when its not changed to the next gear, this occur every time.
For my 1999 Chev Prism (same as 1999 Toyota Corolla)
1. How much is to replace the broken air mix cable (#55909-02020) for head/feet/defrost air turn dial?
2. How much is to install a new cabine air filter?
I use Toyota corolla 1999 model, the sound of the gear one and two is normal but does not angage or enter the gear three, for and five, the sound is always very high because is makes use of only gear one and two. No oil leakage. The noise is only the gear one and two noise.
Just won’t catch
When I turn on the engine my cars stays acelerated very very bad it goes to the max revolutions.
car runs VG-Grandma did not drive much and basically city driving-short drives
I started my Toyota Corolla 1999 model last night, engaged the gear and it was just moving freely...I engaged the reverse gear and it was moving forward....I want to know , could this be caused by the low gear or power steering oil? Could it be that my driver hit the gear on a solid surface? Although I noticed the power steering hose is leaking
I have replaced spark plugs and wires and still get the P0300 and P0171 codes. I checked the compression on all cylinders and they all read around the 210 range. CEL is on always and sometimes it blinks. What should I check next?
Hello I have 1999 Corolla that has 150K miles on it and there is a burning smell that is coming out of the backseat seatbelt compartment, it smells like burning wax and it's coming from the middle seatbelt hole.
My car was made in Canada and I need a timing chain tensioner and all the ones that I have tried in the US are to small. Where can I get one to fit?
When I turn left (not from a stop sign or red light) my car jerk to the right midturn it does not do this when I turn right. Also my car squeals extremely loud whenever I turn on my car and lasts until it goes into gear and starts moving.
It's skipping again,and it run rough when AC is on any idea I'm lost this happen when driving my car, or just idling
Came on 35 miles ago
Won't start trs to but wont
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