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Hello I have 1999 Corolla that has 150K miles on it and there is a burning smell that is coming out of the backseat seatbelt compartment, it smells like burning wax and it's coming from the middle seatbelt hole.
My car was made in Canada and I need a timing chain tensioner and all the ones that I have tried in the US are to small. Where can I get one to fit?
When I turn left (not from a stop sign or red light) my car jerk to the right midturn it does not do this when I turn right. Also my car squeals extremely loud whenever I turn on my car and lasts until it goes into gear and starts moving.
It's skipping again,and it run rough when AC is on any idea I'm lost this happen when driving my car, or just idling
Came on 35 miles ago
Won't start trs to but wont
My driver's seatbelt won't buckle and I've been having to use the passenger buckle. I've tried sticking a butter knife into the buckle to pull out any debris, but no luck.

I've purchased a buckle from ebay, but I have no idea where to start on replacing it. Do I have to take the seat out? Is there a way to do this with minimal work (I am car-stupid)?
This wasn't happening until I had engine coils replaced and a tuneup.
are 99 toyotas supose to slide down hills and are they supose to make a rattling noise when u hit bumbs
It is a constant low noise coming from the ignition'.
It hasn't started since. I replaced the battery and the spark plugs but no luck. What else should I be checking? The brand new battery dies pretty fast when I try starting the car now though, should I check the alternator?
have replaced 3 pumps in 13 months-replaced the relay-tank is clean-filter is new-electric pump inside the fuel tank-works fine after replacing for a few months until won't start one day
the 1999 toyota corolla has 3 wires on the front turning signal bulbs.
i want to put my LEDs in but i need to know which of the 3 wires from the turning signal bulb is the ground and which is the turning (red)?
when taking off flutters/dies in the ass if you put your foot down straight away but if you slowly put your foot onto the accelerator it will drive bad but once you get to 3,4 gear it drives normal? had it put onto a g scan and told to change crank angle sensor and cam sensor ???? been stuck for months and help would be appreciated
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