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I have a 1998 toyota corolla le. when purchased it did not have a keyless remote but i purchased one online. I programmed the remote to the car and it seemed to work but it will not lock or unlock the doors. if i hold the top button it will panic and set off the alarm but does not arm or disarm system. i have checked all door switched and verified that they do all show as closed but system still does not respond other than the panic. it has the rs3000 vip toyota system any help is appreciated.
When driving down rd sometimes speedometer drops to 0 digital odometer goes blank check engine light on for speed sensor a malfunction
I have replaced the fuel injectors and there are no leaks. The harness is snuggly connected. I have spark on all cylinders and good vaccum. When I turn the ignition the engine cranks but won't start. I do have very low oil in the system. Could my engine have seized? (Previous to the injector replacement the car ran fine.)
My car has 210000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.
Right rear wheel I'm hearing a scrape scrape scrape when driving and it grinds when brake is applied. Sound like rear shoes / drums to you or something else ??
There is white smoke coming from my car when I drive it
Safe to drive?
I have 2 pairs of flush mount speakers and I want to hook them up to my car
My 98 corolla key wont turn the ignition to start the car.
New battery starts other car easily 99'. Ignition tumbler i think its called is pretty bad original key no longer works but the spare i made does. Used original key this time accidentally and worked once drove it and now this. Not sure if related. No lights only the key illumination, door chime and open door dash light. Think i had a bad alternator just before also replaced with junk yard one, maybe killed 1st battery and what else? Lol
It the batter head is not removed when parked for the day, by the morning, it drains out.
after change the gear in D (driving mode), it does not move...

Pls tell me what is the problem?
It's annoying. Toyota dealer wants $300 just to look. Asked several mechanics if can disconnect seat belt lamp on dash - said it was connected with other items. True?

Any inexpensive ways to resolve? I don't need the flashing lamp since the seat belt otherwise works.
Fan comes on alot during driving but no overheat warnings. I start car for daily warmup 15-20 mins and then I'll here fan and while Waiting for lights or stop sign.
I am trying to access the brake light switch and replace the cushion
Need instruction about how to plug up the hole where the brake light switch goes through when the plastic stopper is broken. At another website it was said that a piece of rubber would do the trick.
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