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The brake lights are on all the time on a 1997 Toyota corrola what can be causing this as when it's parked it drains the battery
Why does my dash lights come on when i step on the brake pedal
If i get in my car i dont start it or nothing but if i step on the brake pedal the dash lights come on
My 1997 toyota corolla uk spec 2 door hatchback has issue with locking and unlocking. It loks fine witrh a key, but will not unlock
There's 200,000 miles on car, and I've fixed everything I can think of, but the check engine light will not go out. Help, please
Can not get car out of park. Brake lights work. Can only shift out of park with the manual release.
problem just started suddenly. replaced rear tires but did not get balance or rotation approximately one month prior.
also replaced gas tank three months prior. rear struts are bad and about one week ago started to idle rough. also a chirping sound when idling
will you bend the valves on a 1997 Toyota corolla 2.2 engine if the timing belt goes, it has 99,000 miles with no timimg belt replacement
Even after the engine warms up, there is excessive vibration when it is cold out, is this caused by a sensor resistance that is sensitive to ambient temperature?
My car won't start. I turn the key but I just hear a click. Battery is good. What do I do?
It won't start if I push either I have to jump start I don't get clicking sound either like like I don't get any juice out of battery unless I jump start.
Replaced 89 auto trans with 97 auto trans, doesn't shift through gears normally and no 3rd? Without pushing gas peddle to the floor? 1st and 2nd only, trans oil good, shifter cable good? 89 toy corolla?
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