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1997 Toyota Corolla Reviews and Owner Comments

1997 Toyota Corolla (2 Reviews)
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I have approx 300,000 miles on my 2005 Corolla. I have used Mobile 1 and changed oil at 10,000 intervals with a filter change at 5,000 since the car has been new. Had the transmission flushed at 150,000, changed spark plugs every 100,000 and put new front and back brakes on car-used aftermarket parts for replacement. Changed belt at every 60,000, and all work has been done by me. The only problem that I have had with the car was at 178,000. One of the power packs went bad and I replaced all 4 with used packs from a junk yard that cost 10 ea. I will try my best to get 500,000 plus miles out of this car. It is a CE with fewer things to go wrong.
I purchased my 1.8L Corolla CE new in 1997. Keep up regular maintenance and have spent a total of about $700 in repairs to minor systems and hoses. Mileage: 280,000. What a dream car this has been. I've only used Chevron Gasoline except for a couple of emergencies. Thank you Toyota and Chevron!!!!! Brakes can be a little noisy. Headlights cloud up/yellow with age. Emissions at this mileage run a little high, but pass smog easily with a new air filter and a couple of tanks of Techron fuel system plus cleaner. Almost everything in my Corolla is original including my transmission and shocks. I LOVE THIS CAR. I will drive it till it decides it's had enough of me and quits. Oh yes, and I haven't had a car payment in years.