1996 Toyota Corolla Questions

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I had a leak in my 96 Toyota corrola, couldn't afford repair right away so I just continued to drive it and kept my eye on temp and added liquid copper to stop leak, was driving on freeway when it stalled suddenly now it won't start even though I waited until the next day to try and start but it won't start what do I look for to figure out why it won't start

The problem occurs on & off when belt connected

How do I take the interior lining off to access it?

The battery was drained. Problem has occurred once but will happen again with charged battery. No other lights were on. Car started fine.

Possible ground ?how do I find it"?

What could be the problem and are there any easy fixes for my problem?

2002 dodge stratus car recalls

after clearing the code, I drive the car 4-to 5 miles and light comes on again ,same code I think it is vsv valve how do I verify that ,please help.

i replaced the plugs wires cap rotor and checked the compression. Also checked the fuel injectors with an ohm meter and all four checked good. Plugs look kind kind of white though. Could it be the fuel filter? I've never had it replaced.After reset the code comes back in like 8 miles. this is a 1.6 liter engine.

Just hum and spin

My 96 Corolla is not shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. Runs fine in 1st, reverse, and neutral. Anyone have any suggestions of what it could be? Thank you.