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Engine sounds funny and this is the first time it has happened
I don't see a belt around the AC compressor, what would that belt be called and how would I replace it?
speed sencor is new as well can the old ECM wipeout the trany also speedo not working
1996 Toyota Corolla - if driving at low speeds say under 80km and constantly stopping and starting at traffic lights the temperature gauge gets to and sits at the half way point - it never goes past though. If i go faster after a few minutes the gauge goes back down but will go up ahead as soon as I stop a traffic light. Ive had no issues other than that but I know it cant be a good thing. Its always very very hot in the engine when I do park and turn off the car. I have changed the fan fuse as I didnt think the cooling fan was coming on but it is still happening. What should I check for next?
Power to witch. None to engine
As long as you never let the gas get to half a tank it runs good. Once the gauge reaches half tank it starts missing and stops and will not start again until you put gas in.
I have a 96 Corolla ignition wont turn even when I jiggle the key in the wheel is locked
it happens every morning and after some days without running the engine
Cooling fans not turning on ... How to connect direct for them to turn on when i turn car on and they stay on ?
Front fenders ,front bumper ,headlights ,hood ......
steering pump belt, water pump belt and AC pump change
I had a leak in my 96 Toyota corrola, couldn't afford repair right away so I just continued to drive it and kept my eye on temp and added liquid copper to stop leak, was driving on freeway when it stalled suddenly now it won't start even though I waited until the next day to try and start but it won't start what do I look for to figure out why it won't start
The problem occurs on & off when belt connected
How do I take the interior lining off to access it?
The battery was drained. Problem has occurred once but will happen again with charged battery. No other lights were on. Car started fine.
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