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When it warms up it backfires through the intake .plz help
It vibrates until it warms up
My car is a 1995 Toyota Corolla 1.8L 7A-FE

So i was driving one day and i went through some water under a bridge and after 3-5 seconds the car dies on the hill. Luckily a guy in a chevy suburban pushed my car into a white castle parking lot. I tried to restart it from ther ebut it would only run on two cylinders (2 & 3) and when i stomp the gas pedal full throttle it would accelerate but as soon as i let off it dies. Its been 3 weeks since this happened with no change from the parts i put in. Here is the list: CKPS, 2 fuel injectors (1 and 4), distributor cap, rotor and then the actual full distributor, wires, spark plugs (even though i changed them a month before), igniter, checked all fuses, battery and the ecm with no changes so i need some help because im at a loss
It turns over but wont crank .
Won't start back up for about 10 minutes have changed the distributor, fuel filter, and spark plug wires
First time
How to take out broken thread
What parts is the code associated with?
When my car in park and drive position. Vibrates. It cuts off. When it wants to. So i added fuel cleaner and 93 gas. It has stopped so far. Thanx. Theresa
Light up and a wire with clips behind AC vent I is not plugged in
Recently my car was fine then all of a sudden with no warning sign it started to be hesitant an sluggish when stopped. I got the spark plugs changed which made a significant difference but car still is stuttering when at a stopping point. I got the wires changed also an still its doing the same thing. Like its missing a little bit. Please help anyone!!!
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