1995 Toyota Corolla Questions

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Won't start back up for about 10 minutes have changed the distributor, fuel filter, and spark plug wires
First time
How to take out broken thread
What parts is the code associated with?
When my car in park and drive position. Vibrates. It cuts off. When it wants to. So i added fuel cleaner and 93 gas. It has stopped so far. Thanx. Theresa
Light up and a wire with clips behind AC vent I is not plugged in
Recently my car was fine then all of a sudden with no warning sign it started to be hesitant an sluggish when stopped. I got the spark plugs changed which made a significant difference but car still is stuttering when at a stopping point. I got the wires changed also an still its doing the same thing. Like its missing a little bit. Please help anyone!!!
It seems that fuel injectors are not getting power, and so is the distributor and the fuel pump.

My friend check on the fuses and relays and they are good with the exception the we couldn't find a relay or fuse for the fuel pump...

Any guesses what might the problem be?
0bd1 is only one that will read 95 corolla. Others code readers are for 96 and newer vehicles.
Where can I see pictures of exactly what the valve cover looks like? I need to know why my car has oil leaking from under the valve cover.
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