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low beams don't work but after driving for awhile they come on what would cause this
could my fuel pump not wrk
It makes a lil sound like it’s trying but like it it’s dead
1994 Toyota Corolla 1.6 engine. Automatic 196,000km
Drove for 20-25 in 2nd gear on highway (went up to 120 a few times for acceleration but mostly stayed at 100km the whole way). (was wondering what the weird but subtle noise my car was making and why) and my bf noticed and shifted it back into drive. Nothing else happened and the temp gague went from 1/4-1/2 of the gague back down to almost zero. I'm in Canada so we warmed the car up for 15 min before driving. The car drove smoothly for the last 15 min of driving. Wondering if I should be worried, or get the engine checked? I over heated the engine in September when the power steering belt and alternator belt broke off, and coolant spilled everywhere. Just hoping I don't destroy my engine
I have a 1994 Toyota Corolla with the 1.8L 7A-FE engine. I have replaced the valve cover gasket and the spark plug tube seals in the valve cover. Oil is still entering the spark plug tubes. I want to try and remove the spark plug tubes and take a look at their condition. So I don’t destroy the tubes can anyone tell me if the tubes are press in type or threaded and are there seals at the bottom of the tubes? Any help on extending the life of this engine would be appreciated. Thanks.
I have a 96 Toyota Corolla. Ot has been running fine then all of a sudden as I was coming to a stop exiting the interstate it started having a bad idle and stalling. I've drove it like this for a few days now and have noticed it only starts idling bad after the engine warms up and the longer I drive the worse the idle gets. I had a head gasket job done right after I bought the car and at that time the valves and all where checked as well. Someone I know had me leave the engine running and pulled the plug wires one at a time and on cylinder 3 there was no change in the engine when the wire was removed, OTHER than bad compression could anything else cause this, like bad plugs, plug wires etc??? Could I possi ly use sea foam to try and free anything up if something ia stuck?
Car is is craking fine. But wont fire over.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Just wont start
How long have you had this problem? two weeks ago
My injection won't come on
will crank 10 minute
It has happened 4 times in the last 2 months. On a 1994 Toyota Corolla. Car dies while driving then has problems turning over until it rests for a few minutes, then only runs a fe seconds.
i know its egr valve which i replaced. would it be the vacumn cylinoid
Distributor .rode one day back doing the same it turn over
I've only had it for about a year and put about 10,000 miles on it... Earlier in the year I replaced the spark plugs, wires, and the distributer. It's ran almost perfect until about a month ago... It started running rough at idle and I guess what feels like it's bogging down and wants to die but never does. When driving it seems to run smooth and as far as I can see, I don't think I'm losing any gas mileage but I'm not completely sure.
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