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Could a small head gasket leak cause this
When I push the left hand stalk forward on my 1993 Toyota Corolla wagon the high beam does not work all else works fine on combination stalk. Can a do it this job? Does this model require removing air bag? What is the shop cost? Thanks
Shift issues
timing belt ok. replaced dist cap and rotor
timing belt ok. new distributor cap. no spark.
was told some kind of senor
my 93 corolla with 250,000 miles
after running for 15 minutes,started
jumping ..runing fast then stopped-
after 30 minutes and so restarted
and drive for another 15-20 minutes
The car starts up and idals fine but when I try to accelerate it skips.. Changed the Cadillac converter fuel filter fuel pump..
Loud noise comes from under the hood speed of 25 to 30 miles
Is that transmission problem?
did oil change checked oil next day was low .checked fillter and it was dry .oil not getting to it .i am putting oil in every day not leaking on ground.HELP.......?
car started for 2 days. again the car would not start starter will not push out to engage fly wheel. need help. is there relays in the starter system
My corolla does not pass second gear and it does not go in reverse. I haven't really gotten it checked out but I dont know many good, realiable, affordable mechanics around my area.
what does this do? can it effect the HC's on ca smog test. They say it's after the cat but there's nothing between the cat and the muffler.
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