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I slid the knob over from cold to hott one morning and I felt it pop now when I slide my knob to heat it doesn't get warm it just blows cold what could it be ?

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Engine knock when in idle quiets down when I give it gas.
I was recently told by a mechanic that I need to replace the power steering with fluid that has "stop-leak" because of some trouble I was having with my vehicle. My manual says to only use Dexron-II Automatic Transmission Fluid, but as I understand it Dexron-II and Dexron-III are no longer manufactured. The only power steering fluid I can find with stop-leak is Prestone, but should I use power steering fluid or brand transmission fluid for my power steering?
Car is slow to accelerate, and violent vibrating when in drive and reverse. When in neutral and park is not as bad. Also has a loud rumbling sound.
Undid bolt on the end of pipe connecting fuel injectors and there is fuel there. Checked sending unit and seems fine but not hearing fuel pump turning on. Dont wanna drop the tank just to check until im more for certain that its the problem. Anyone know anything else a lil more labor and cost friendly to check first or any good simple ways to check the pump?
I turn it on put it in drive it shakes den cut off
So when I turn the car on it shakes I put new gas so now it don't shake as much but it still cuts off when youu put it in drive
my car makes a funny noise and shake when I press down on the clutch.This just started yesterday.I changed my spark plugs but its still doing it.
my car makes a funny noise and shake when I press down on the clutch.
The timing is dead on and it ran fine before replacing the distributor. I changed spark plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter, pcv valve trying to narrow down the problem. have yet to check egr or mass airflow sensor but i doubt it those beacause it ran fine before i changed the distributor. The distributor crapped out after my cousin put the car in park while moving backward. broken sensor? no codes.
Even though it turns over it doesn't get fire to start the engine
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