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I replaced clutch slave cylinder and cluth master both on a 1987 toyota corolla fx, but I still have clutch pedal pressure loss. What else could cause this?
son's car a hand-me-down, running fine until one day. Possible locked up emergency brake, any know quirks or fixes?
Brake and battery lights come on intermittently,drove 150 miles, parked. Drove 25 miles when stereo went out, heater blew cold, head and dash lights dimmed and car lost power. I pulled to side of road and car died,all lights went out. 1 hour later car starts and drives 25 miles home w/no problems.
daily there is a whirring sound coming from the drivers side front wheel area. A mechanic says it is the wheel bearing.
40 amp fuse blows and the car won't start. The 100 amp and the 30amp are fine. What would cause this to happen and what does the 40 amp fuse go to?
smoke comes out continuously even after rev...
Out of no where I suddenly had a dead battery. I thought it was just the battery's time to go, so I bought a new one. Everything was fine for about 48 hours, then I go to start up my car the next evening and nothing...I thought there was some sort of short that was draining my battery over night, so I got a jump start from my friend and drove the car around for about 30 minutes hoping to charge the battery a bit and see how long the charge will last. I got home turned the car off, and just out of curiosity checked to see if I could start it again, and nothing happened. Any thoughts?
1990 corolla recently started stalling when shifting. If you shift down one gear and dump the clutch it will usually restart but then will stall again. Also it's virtually impossible to use reverse, as soon as the clutch is let out and gas is applied it will stall or start bucking. Car seems to run fine at an idle. any thoughts would be helpful as i need the car asap.
My car idles high to low very quickly when the clutch is pressed when at a stop?
i have a 1983 toyota corolla and when i was driving it today water started shooting out from the radiator, out the front vent and onto the road in front! It didnt overheat and seemed to handle as normal. Is this the head gasket? Is there anything simple i can do to solve the problem? Radweld? Help!!!
how to install my tachometer in my auto corolla 89 where there is no line for rpm..
If flasher blinks faster not the normal, what does it indicates? thanks...
The problem started a week ago. I was stopped by the Police and told I did ot have ay brake lights. I don't know where to start.
I need a test that tells exactly what is
wrong with my fuel exhaust system. I barley
passed the smog test.
thanks Terri
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