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it is an automatic
REcently I was trying to use the heater in my car and the knob will not move past the middle setting. I try and push it to the heat side, but it will bounce right back to the middle. as of yesterday the top knob controling the air flow (where it is directed) is doing the same thing.... I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to take off the panel but does anyone know how big a project this is or any ideas about how to go about it? Thanks.
I also replaced the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder and it acts like the lines hold pressure not allowing the clutch to fully engagee the flywheel.
i change a gas pump december then change one june and now it is bad agen
My car is a Toyota Van 89. They don't have the year and model here so I selected the year and model above. But my problem is the coolant leaking in the cylinders and top of engine. I took the engine apart and replaced the head gasket, but that didn't fix the problem! The leaks goes through the last 2 cylinders (pistons 3 and 4).
I just had my AC checked and recharged.I drove for a while cut the car off came back one hour later and the AC would not blow cold air again.
location of the oil pressure s
light switch? please
car stalls when foot is lifted from gas pedal, i tried replacing battery, cleaned air filter and fuel filter but still it stalls.
when i go any faster then 40-45 mph my car starts to shake. Now I can go faster then this speed, but then my car starts shaking like the wheels are gonna fall off or something??? Someone told me it was the barrings?? Could they be right? Will someone please help me out with this. I have to go out of town, and its the only car I have to drive. But I dont wanna get into a wreck on the highway.. Please let me know ASAP!!!! Thanks for your time, and your input,
I have a 1990 toyota carolla and I noticed that when my car was parked tonight there is a tiny leak of antifreeze comming from the bottom center of the car. I drove it for awhile tonight and it didn't overheat, and I don't see anything leaking now and I am not sure what it could be HELP
I just was wondering is it possible to pullthe engine out and put it back in from the top? I started the process of removing the engine assuming it was able to come out from the top, because it has a lot of clearance and this is my first time working on one of these. Every thing was going well until I got to the fly wheel bolts

I have 1990 toyota corolla I'm pulling the engine, but I'm stuck. I can't figure out how to unbolt the fly wheel from the transmission it has a automatic trans. I just dont want take off or do anything that I dont have to. I'm a student mechanic and this is the first sideways engine I have ever removed and I don"t want to mess it up. Can anyone please help me
Toyota Corolla of 1990 1.6,fuel inyection.Engine will not start, there is no negative pulse of the injectors but there are positive voltage with the switch in on, and fuel pump not pumping gas,and no spark ignition
The car sways bad when hitting a mid to large bump in the road.
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