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The car ran like a champ yesterday, but the battery went dead overnight. It is probably at least 4 years old. I jumped it off, and it started, but the engine idled weird...weak and then strong alternately...and then died, and the battery was dead again. I've had the alternator replaced several times over the life of the car. Once the alternator was electrically unsound and was pulling power, but I had that repaired. If it is the alternator, that would be OK. I'm just worried about the engine. It hasn't had a tune-up in a while. It blew the head gasket a few years ago, but I replaced that. It sounds a little rough like it could use a block seal, but then, it could also use a tune-up. Engine aside, is it possible that it idled scary like that and died just because of a stone-dead battery or faulty alternator?
Issue improves after car is warm but rapid increase in rpms due to accelerator press causes initial stumble. Otherwise runs smooth at idle and higher RPMS. Work done already:

- replaced distributor cap, rotor, plugs, and wires.

- cleaned carbeurator and air cleaned hoses and jets

- replaced fuel filter

Have trouble starting car on occasion especially when it is hot and been driven for some time then stopped and go to restart it
Replaced altenator and battery no running lights or blinkers. Checking the fuses both in the engine compartment and driver side interior... could it be the altenator itself or am i missing a connection?
I deliver newspapers and just bought this car. Noise stopped when I had bundles of newspapers in the trunk. Started back once car was empty again. Sometimes kinda feels like the back tire is bouncing...? when I hit a bump.
I was just wondering. Also, if I had this same car even older, say 1988, would it need to be smog?
when I left the car last june 1, 2016 it's still working but when I come back august 7, 2016 it won't start any more. the stater is redounding very fast but it won't push through running the engine. it looks like there problem in the distributor.
I went on two months vacation last june 2016 and when I come back recently I tried to start the engine of my corolla it won't even if it is crancking very fast.
It passed barely just last year. Don't know why a test was required after only one year. I was told that it was fine on low speed , but had hi hcs at the higher speed test. Would doing a tune up help? I was also told the timing was way off but it runs great. I really like the car and hate to give it up.
I have to accelerate to get down the hill.I have front wheel drive.
Every small bump in the road or parking lot produces a clunking sound in the front end when going slowly ( less than 25 MPH). I have changed the struts and strut bearing plates, front and mid transmission mounts, and both CV joints. The front and rear engine mounts are in good shape. Two different mechanics including the Toyota dealership cannot diagnose the problem. The clunking is getting worse and now clunks when shifting between first and second gear. (Unless I am being real gentle on the shift) It may be something internal to the transaxle, but it shifts fine and there is no unusual noise at high way speeds. I am resigned to drive it until is breaks, but would prefer to fix the problem.
Normally on startup all the dash lights including the charge light come on, and then all go out when the car starts. In my case, there has been a sudden change. Only the charge light is illuminating on startup which is unusual. After startup, the charge light goes out normally and no dash lights are illuminated. Note this is a 1981 Corolla.
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