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The problem started a while back i changes the valve gasket/spark plugs and was running fine now the problem is back again and idk what it is
Gear wont go forward or back


Three days ago went online found out may be pluged or air poket in lines blow into ? Wasnt sure but blew through one and fluid flowed back through port that i had hose from didnt know if it woul help but put it all back together still didnt work said ill check it out later so second day normal everything in n on the car changed oil and it went ok butt drove afte oil change noticed temp gauge was lil hotter than normal but went back to nomal park it today drove fine couple miles park it for few hours got in it was in a drive through n i looked down at gauges and neddle on gauge was past top line above hot and needle was flikkerring scaring me now please help one car family with three year old daughter thank you for putting up with my gibberish but thats wat happen
I have a working handle, latch that is clean, lubricated, latch and clasp in good position and tight and no obstructions with trim, insulating rubber, or door, yet latch will not close. There is no cable or electronic way to open these rear doors.
what i mean in taking time, its not the regular time that al cars shift to second gear
hope you understand me
I am having trouble figuring out how to undo the fasteners.
i'm not having any probs with it. it runs great. there are no noises, etc. i am curious for preventive maintenance. i've taken very good care of this car. i don't hot rod it. thanks again
tensioner bolt worked lose and belt came off
Have a 2004 celica Its a great car but i have 35600 miles on it and its using up a quart and a half of oil in 15 days.... and the dealership keeps telling me that the engine for that car burns up a quart every 500 miles.. which does not seem right at all no car should use that much oil. What should i do or what could be causing this
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