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Already changed icv and and another part. Wondering what can caise slight rpm drop after pressing gas pedal.
The engine revs between shifting from 1st to 2nd gear and then it slam's in to second gear.
My dad checked the anti-freeze and, while there is a small leak, there is still sufficient in the container. He thinks it may be the fan that is not working all the time. The indicator will rise to the overheating stage after I've been driving for about 5-15 minutes, but not every time I drive. I have noticed my fan sometimes does not work, but that too seems intermittent. What should I ask for or look for when I take it in to a service place? Could it be something my dad can do?
Has fuel Np pulse on E5-11 and E5-13
The check engine light is coming on giving a lean exhaust code somewhere.
Can you replace an exhaust valve on a 2003 toyota celica gt yourself? If not, guestimate on a repair shop doing it? This is my last hope to figuring out what's wrong with my car. :(

Burning oil, sudden loss of power, misfiring.

Replaced spark plugs, replaced the mass air sensor, checked fuel injectors, checked coils.

Engine light came on, then I had a sudden loss of power.
My car was burning oil for a bit before this happened.
I hooked it up to the machine at auto zone, and my husband either checked, switched, or replaced everything that the machine said was wrong..including the mass air something or other...but nothing has changed. This happened at 93, I'm at 98,300, and still can't figure out what is wrong. My husband is guessing that it could be valves? If that's the it a diy job?
Engine light came on, took it in and the Fuel solenoid is faulty. Is this located in the fuel pump in the gas tank? If not, where is it?
i have a poblem with my toyota celica gts my car is geting hot and i already replace a bunch of parts. they told me that ita can be the fan resistor censor i already check everything else can that be the problem.i change the radiator coolant censor check the water pump change the thermostat change the main water hoses. please help me i need a accurate answer to my problem. thanks
I can be driving down the road and the temp guage is all the way over to hot and blinking. I can pull over and shut off the car for 5 seconds (sometimes I don't even get all the way pulled over) and the car goes back down to normal running temp. Could this be a thermostat?
where is the fuel filter located on a 2003 celica?
I just had a new clutch installed in a 1993 Toyota Celica GT. I went to pick the vehicle up and the clutch pedal has less pressure than when I had a very old clutch. It is very odd to drive this way. You barely touch the pedal and it goes on down to the floor. I called the mechanic and he said that is the way it is supposed to be. I always thought that you would be able to "feel" a new clutch in the pedal. What to do?
my clutch burned out so i wanna know how long my new clutch will last
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