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Started doing this yesterday, But when it warmed up it was fine. Today I go and start it up and it just revs and doesn't move?
when you accelerate to the floor white smoke comes out off the tail pipe
a 2000 Toyota Celica gt that needs some work done to it. Motor cranks but will not stay running, was told that it's a blown head gasket also transmission won't go into overdrive. I am looking to buy this I know my way around an engine.
Engine & battery lights came on and stayed on.
Im not too familar with transmissions, and would like to get a general idea as to what i might be looking to pay to have it replaced. (i understand price would vary depending on which shop i go to.) thanks for any info given!
At beginning, It use to run for kms than shut off, it would restart and do some more kms but as the time pass, it get worst and now it only start for 3 secondes and stop, it always start good. I check for codes, nothing, I unplug the gas line before the rail and I stated with gas spraid in the intake and I fill a gallon of gas in about a minute, it run as long as a spray gas in the intake. Thank you for your help in advance
Could adjust your clutch peddle in a little to get a little more life out of it. There is a button on the firewall below the clutch peddle. I hit it.The car will not start at all. It seems like a direct short.I have had this car since it was new.127,000 miles. I'm at my wits end on this one.Any help would be appreciated so much. Thank you
Bought my 2000 celica A yr ago. was wrecked before got it. Salavage title..right side had bounce in it. Drove car 20,000 miles with bounce. Axle broke. Replaced axle new tires on front, wheel bearing replaced right front, motor mount replaced, tried to get aigliment but no adjustable control arm. Axle broke again replaced broke again. Now what?
But it does start on the next two or three tries. There are no clicks to speak of, maybe one, and it doesn't sound like the battery is trying, although once in a while it has. Sears said I needed a battery so I changed the battery and it happened again. I changed the ignition switch and it happened again....I still don't know the cause.
Thank you
I already removed both CV axle not realizing that the pinion with slide downnow I have a piece of broken aw axel in my transmission how do I remove 2000 Celica GTS
didn't realize that I couldn't pull both cv axles at the same time and pinion slid down and now I can't bang out the broken stub from the axle what do I do
The first time the check engine lite came on with a code it required one of the oxygen sensors replacement. several months after that the lite started coming on and going off, after that it came on and reflected code P0420 Bank 1, since then it just stays on.
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