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The engine good start but after few minutes the engine shut off. ..The spark plugs look black, when accelerate don't have power the engine.
I changed the engine because was burned to much oil it has more the 2 hundred thousand miles, after that have problems with rough idle unstable after few minutes the engine shut off. ..
My car was running good, but was burned to much oil it is has more the two hundred thousand miles. ...I change the engine after that I got problems unstable idle after few minutes the engine shut off I put scanner don't have engine code.
I just had the transmission replaced and have had to take it back 5 times in 6 month period. The bearings dropped out and the mechanic repaired but now the speed odometer runs faster than the car is running. Why
loosing water from radiator & can't find any leaks, no oil in it or smoke out the exhaust, no water or milky in oil
The drop top opens, but it drops down fast on the driver side and when I close it I have to pull the driver side up manually to close it. I Where can I take it hear the motor running, but it's not doing the job. Where can I get it repaired?
My AC fan started making a huge racket today! The lower two settings aren't really noisy, but they aren't very effective either. The two highest settings sound like the engine is about to fall out of the car! But it is actually coming from inside the passenger compartment it sounds like, passenger side near the glovebox. I am getting cool air so I'm pretty sure it's not a compressor issue. I googled "heater blower fan makes noise 1997 Toyota Celica" and found this website with answers to the same issue on a 1997 Toyota 4Runner that sounded exactly like what I'm experiencing. I read that rodents sometimes get in the blower fans and they have to be cleaned out. My Celica has sat in place for about 3 or 4 months after the alternator went out. I just got a new alternator out on and it was running great.. Now this sound..and I need COOL AIR!! My wife suggested something might have nested in the blower. I just need to know how to open it and get it cleaned out. Hoping that's what it is.

Thanks for any and all help!!
explain how towing could cause key stuck in ignition
Had a hard time starting finally did ran about ten miles then died in tbe process i broke a sensor that went to a line where water ran through
Acts if it wants to start almost feels like its not getting enough gas and it will not start. And the engine got really hot
motor/replaced then remove dnw.tune uo im lost.???
But when car is in drive it shifts perfectly to drive. Only has no reverse or neutral. Code reads shift solenoid 2 which I replaced. Now reads shift solenoid e. Where is transmission relay switch located?
so what should I try next.
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