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There is 4 wires going to plugs , 1 wire in the middle going to ignition module?( located on drivers side firewall) and one more that's on bottom of cap when installed. Mine is just a plug looks like the wire may have been ripped out. Is this a cache line?
What would be the cause for a car to crank but wont start
Ok so I just replaced the clutch in my 96 celica, it took me a few weeks seeing as I work long hours. Well I completed it just to find it still isn't turning over. So I checked the fuel pump to see if it was spitting gas and it wasn't so I replaced that just to find it still isn't turning over, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
The money to have one put in and i dont have tools or space to do it myself. Is their anyway i can get a lil more life out of it so i can drive home not scrap it for a plane ticket!
Car is jumping in second gear
after it sits for a few min 10 or 15 it fires normally then runs for bout 15 sec then dies like u turn the key off dies no sputter trying to run stuff pull the plug die.I am thinking maybe coil gone bad my understanding is that it is in the distributor......fuel pump maybe but I would think I might get a sputter out kind of shutdown out of that.....any in sight would help thank yall.
I have changed the distributor an re checked the new timing belt. "HELP"
I had my car not wanting to start. Push gas pedal would stall out after took foot off pedal. Changed dash pot with one that works. Just cant seem to get the idle to be consistent. Today if cranked but idled so low it almost cut off turned on the air it sped up. Turned it off went back down. Put in reverse almost shut off put in drive almost shut off. Drove down the street is perfect. So do I have a bad sensor or sticking throttle. My engine light will come on and then go off. Guess I need to get sensor test when that light comes on. Hard to find anyone with a obdll diagnostic reader for older cars. Heard Advanced Auto parts or Discount parts can read the error codes and ususally do for free. Any help would be great with this issue. My car is very sound. Had no issues other than things being old. Keep the oil changed every 3 thousand miles and all the belts and things that just ware out replace. Thank you for any help!
The starter went out in our 1996 Celica STX. I've heard it's pretty simple to replace & want to try & do it myself. Any instruction would be helpful...thanks.
Was told it was a baffle in my catalytic converter. Need to replace converter. Yes??
My friends celica shut off while driving.It cranks fine but has no spark. He replaced the coil pack, crank sensor and the ignition module and still no spark. He can't get any codes out of the car due to undoing the battery for repairs. Can you help guide me in a direction? Also,I don't know if this would have anything to do w/ the current problem,the O2 sensor is broke off and has been dragging on the ground. Thank you for your help!
i just changed oil in my toyota and now it wont go into gear. wasn't having any problems till now
i know it's a long story, but plesase read it and help me out. we can't figure out what is wrong!

my fiance was flushing my radiator the other night, and he filled it back up and everything, then it wouldn't start??? we had 3 guys helping to find what was wrong with it, even a family mechanic came to check it out. none of them could figure out what is wrong!!!

when i try to start it, it will start (sometimes) and then it will turn right back off by itself. we found that if you keep giving it gas, it'll stay on, but once you let off the gas, even just a little bit, it'll turn off. when it turns off, all of the electricity stays on, so it's getting power.

last night, we replace the spark plugs & wires, distributor cap, and the rotor button and it still won't work. our mechanic went to the fuel pump, thinking it's not getting enough gas to stay running, but he's still not sure if that could be it. he had the fuel pressure 'reader', but he couln't find where it was suppossed to hook up ANYWHERE on my car.this mechanic knows what he's doing, he's been doing it for YEARS, so the problem isn't the mechanic.

also, (if this might have anything to do with what's wrong with my car) last night, i got in my car, and for poops and giggles, i started it up. it stayed on and i even put it in drive and reverse and it didn't shut off. once the needle on my temperature gauge got RIGHT above the cold line, it shut off??? do you think it's a sensor problem??? also, ever morning on my way to work, when i get onto the interstate, i can't go any faster than 60mph because my car won't shift and my rmp gauge goes all the way up to 4000rpm (which i know it is NOT suppossed to be way up there). it won't shift into gear until the temperature gauge gets right above the cold line. WTH??? PLEASE HELP ME!
in slow moving traffic when i dab the brakes they make a crunch.all fluid levels are correct.
Hi i have a Toyota celica 1996 automatic and my car doesn't move when i put it in Drive or in 2nd gear, but it Reverses and Parked works fine. Before the car was driving fine until i started hearing a grinding noise but i didn't pay much attention to it, then the gradually revs started going up in order to move in drive and now it simply stands still. It does move in Drive very slowly if i take it to 7000 revs. What is the problem? i am a student and can't afford to pay alot for repairs.. Please Help
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