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I noticed couple days ago while i was driving my car, when i would go and turn it would feel more like my car is sliding more than actually turning. Finally i parked my car on a flat surface and look at my car from behind and noticed that my drivers side door is leaning lower than the other. The only new thing that has been added to my car recently aremy subwoofers. I dont understand how my sunwoofer could create the probelm bc it is in the middle of my trunk not leaning to the left or the right. Whats wrong with my car?
Sometimes when driving the gear slips after 2nd causing rpm to go high as if it's in neutral. I'm not sure exactly what it is, clutch, broken gears, or anything else.... anyone have similar issues and know how to fix?
Last owner let car rust to near death. Would be greatly appreciated for a diagram from front to back for gas and brake lines. I seem to have 2 rear brake lines and 3 gas lines. Line tubes range from 3/16" , 1/4" , & I think 3/8" maybe.
My car will sit overnight and when i start driving everything is fine until it has been running for a while then my speedometer starts going crazy and my cars engine doesnt want to shift properly so sometimes it feels like it goes into neutral.also the o/d light keeps flashing on and off.I already replaced the 2 shift solenoids.
I just need to know the standard procedure when replacing the rear main seal of this car.
only been doing last couple days. its not chang gears like it should.
the car does have huge mileage. It seems like s getting stuck in gear, especially in lower gear. Sometimes pulling out or going up hills I have to put it down in second to get it going. Usually once it gets to a high gear and higher speed it does fine. The problem mainly occurs in the lower gears. Someone told me it could be the downshift modulator so I'm trying to see if that's is likely correct or if it could be something else. And if anyone else has had a similar problem how was it resolved. Thanks
The front drain holes were easy to locate and clean (leaky sunroof) but I can't see the entrance to the rear drains as the view to them is blocked by the open window. Even on tilt mode, there is not room to see them. Where could I get a diagram of the drains? And if I have to take it to a shop, what sort should I take it to? Where do you find specialists in sunroof repair?
my car shuts off while im driving and is hard to get it restarted. I changed distributor,& CPU terminal harness. I have checked the fuel pressure. I got codes 13 & 14 off diagnosis scanner. No one seems to know what the problem is.
vehicle will intermitently start and shut off right away. I replaced the distributor, CMP circuit connector terminal.Checked the fuel pressure in the line, OBD is giving me codes 13 & 14.
I need to change the fuel pressure regulator, and am wondering if the one of the bolts out of the 3 needs to be torqued
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