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Starts but backfires when giving gas and has lost all power and when it over heats after driving for a min cause it needs new radiator it is very hard to get started again
My 94 celica transmission started making loud noises that come and go. But when i loosen bell housing bolts it gets quiet
The airbag light wont shut off never been in an accident all the fuses are good is there any way I can reset it
When you first start it it runs great. After it warms up the idle starts sputering up and down wanting to stall.
I just replaced the ball bering and put new tires on but I noticed when jacked up the wheel wobbles in and out a lot still I will be driving and it sharply swerves in just a little but I can feel it. I'm not sure where to start next. This is my daily driver and
when put in gear and when accelerating it hesitates and wants to cut off
I replaced altenator it started ran great then it shut off all power it will turn over but not start I then replaced fuel pump fuel filter had the ignition control module tested its good no cheek engine lites no codes I'm lost as to what or why can u give me any advice and what doe the cadiladdic converter do how do I cheek it
I replaced the altenator everything was fine The 3 prong plug broke now all of a sudden I'm driving and look down no lites were on but temp gauge was all the way no bubleing no sign at all I pulled over no signs I take off it dies the fans were not coming on eigther so I'm at a loss with this I am inclined and very knowledgeable bit to know specifically what or why I'm lost can u please help me
It has a red with blue stripe
A solid white wire
And a solid yellow wires
Ya reemplase distribuidor y tapa y no arranca la bobina da chispa cada vuelta completa delrotor
it will barely move. it goes into gear. could it be clutch slave cylinder? or is it definite clutch replacement
these bolts thread into holes on the disc assembly, to aid in its removal
won't go over 2800 replaced fuel filter plugs wires cap roter New head gasket timing belt water pump
We have replaced all the back bulbs but still no brake lights. Looked at all the fuses and all seem fine too. Blinkers, reverse lights, etc, all in working order.
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