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Can't find any vac leaks. Replaced lots of parts: IAC, TPS, Coolant Temp sensor, intake hose, air intake temp sensor. Idle still bounces while sitting at stoplight in neutral; gets worse and worse as outside temps increase (summertime). What else to try?
this car has been JERRY rigged so bad someone bypassed the fuel relay and it will only run when it wants and that is dangerous.I love this car and am a single only one person no help I want to fix it can you help me. Im willing to have a taggle switch to the fuel pump . Please help me.
Put new fuel pump,nee fuel filter, n new distributor
I fell like my car is running rich at the current time, I don't know if this is just as the new engine adjusting or something or if I might need to rest the ECU. I'm hoping that it might not be something like a leak. Thanks for looking. I might have more question as I'm a new car owner and it seems I have a bit of a lemon.
Sides or feels like ur not in control of it only the left side?
I have a five speed and lately its been hard to get in gear but once you get going it shifts fine . This morning I went to shift and it would not shift to any gear. The clutch is acting fine i just need to know what the problem might be.
I've only had the car a short time. I test drove it, drove it home (approx. 40 miles), parked it. The next morning it wouldn't start. The engine cranks but won't start. I check for spark by removing the plugs. Nothing.

So far, I've replace the distributor, wires, spark plugs, and the fuel pump.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!!
had a hole in my power steering line,was losing fluid and making squeaking noise when turn the wheels and steeringwheel would feel hard at times. they said it was hose and replaced it not losing fluild but sounds still there when turning and steeringwheel still feels hard a few times.
I just replaced the engine in my celica. seems like its idling too high. It is idling at 1100 r.p.m.s the previous engine was set at 1000 r.p.m. the way the engine sounds like its set too high
when i put it in reverse the trany grinds and the car jumps and stalls .i can shift the gears when the car is not running.cant shift when the car is running
why wont car run will stay cranked as long as starter is engaged
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