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the number three plug had lossend up and blew out of hole fixed that now the car won't start checked the timing belt and the distrubter cap and rotor bout ok but still no fire any idea's
Checked all sensors fuses cap rotor plug wires and plugs and think its the ignition coil am i right?
Removed shifter. When replacing shifter If I pressed it down to screw holes , and place it in park I cannot remove keys from ignition. I pull up shifter slightly and the keys will release! Did I break something or what?
I have 1992 celica gts. Maybe 30 miles on Hwy.
I previously had 1995 celica st. It got 36-40 miles on Hwy. Why does 1992 get less?
I removed automatic shifter. When I put shifter back in place I cannot get my keys out of ignition when the car is in park. Although if I raise the shifter a little the keys will come out. If I put the screws back into shifter I cannot get out keys! What am I not connecting?
car just cranks won't start
And it has no electricity to the ignition
I took my car to that mechanic three times after he "worked" on it (he did rear main seal, timing belt, water pump, plugs, wires, distributor cap, valve cover gasket). And every time I went back, there was a new problem. Like the power steering fluid leak he says that I have, that I've never had to put fluid in for. And it's supposedly leaking from the distributor now (he replaced some kind of O ring there or so he says plus he replaced the new valve cover gasket also ...). Oh, and it's still trying to stall out on me at red lights after it gets good and warm. Really bad idling issue. He told me it was the throttle idle body - cleaned it up he said, but no. That didn't fix it. At all. Right now, I barely trust her to get me to the store a mile from my house. From what I read in my book, it could be 12 different things. EGR valve or PCV valve, vacuum leaks, air filter clogged (I know it isn't this), leaking head gasket, timing belt worn (just replaced that so no), camshaft lobes worn, valves need adjusting or they're burned/leaking, ignition timing out, dirty or clogged injectors, idle speed out of adjustment, ignition timing out of adjustment .... and I don't know where to start.
I have a Mon-Fri Celica I drive. For the last two Mondays, I've tried to start the car only to get a single click, followed by no turn over of the engine. The cabin lights still get full power and if the door is open you get that warning *bing*. As soon as you get the jumper cables attached you can turn the ignition and get a solid start like she has a brand new starting system. Once she's started I drive 20 miles at around 75 mph to get to work and she starts just fine all week. Could be so many things! Ignition switch, starter, solenoid, don't know where to begin!!
I installed a new caliper on the driver side and tried to bleed it but no fluid only air so I disconnected the line from the caliper and still nothing any suggestions?
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